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Upcoming Stories

Fate's Cruel Intervention Series III 
Finally Found You

Year after the death of Lian Navarro's fiance, she met the cold heartless James Naval who came knocking in her new apartment in town; drunk. She hated his guts and he hated her for buying the apartment he used to live with the love of his life. But as days passed they found each other's company soothing and they came into an understanding. What would happen if Fate decides it's time for them to play the game so called Love? Will she ever find the guy her fiance told her about in James? Will he ever find peace in his heart and move on? In the end will they both say the three words "Finally Found You"?

 Fate's Cruel Intervention Series IV
Angel's Cry
Angel Jhonson was forced to marry Jared Naval because of their parents' company. They were both young when the marriage was agreed upon the investors. She knew Jared was not in love with her but he doesn't know that she was. Two years later, they are still married but due to some circumstances they were forced to work on their marriage. But can they really save their marriage when every time they grew close together something big would make them grow apart? What if Fate got bored in the middle of the game? In this last battle between true love and fate, who would win? Will Fate finally give up in its own game? 

 Perfect Fit
Perfect life. Perfect family. Everyone around Leila thought she had everything in life that most of them wanted but little did they know, all were a facade. Senior year, the last year of Leila's reign in Beaux Monde Academy, and she made sure that everything will flow perfectly. She tried her best to balance cheer leading and ballet but with her mother constant rants about every single detail of her life, can she do it? Can she still hide in the facade she created? What would happen if she meets Chace, the arrogant boy who hated her for being too perfect? Will Chace ever find out the true her? In the end will love find her perfect fit?

 All this and Heaven
When Yuri was still an infant, her biological family left her in an orphanage. She was then adopted by two loving couple who already had two daughters. She was treated well in her new family. And for being grateful to them, she always made them proud. Never disobeying them or breaking the rules they set. But what if one night it all changed? What if a kiss; a forbidden kiss was done by her and her nephew Charlie will it changed? She tried her best to forget it, she tried to stay away but as she tries to pull away, the attraction between them starts to pull her closer to Charlie. In the end, will their love survive when their only enemy is their own family? Can she love him when she knows it will destroy not only her relationship with her family but also her relationship to God? 

Still in Love
When an accident suddenly killed Julie's best friend Dianne who was pregnant, Julie volunteered  to be the mother of the child and volunteering herself means marrying the father Damon. She later then married Damon and considered Ace as her own son. Five years later, they are still married, and she still haven't give birth to her own child with Damon. When problems arose between them, she found herself wondering about the marriage.She later found out that Ace was the only thing that was keeping her marriage intact. If Ace was the only reason for their marriage will he also be the reason for them to break up? But what if she later realize that she was still in love, will she fight or is it a little too late for fighting?