A Little Help from Destiny

A story about how destiny keeps on helping two scared people to fall in love with each other but trials and misunderstandings keep them apart. (A paper airplane helped me write this story) Mary always believed that everything happens for a reason and in this story Mary will find every reasons there is of why she has to suffer. When she met the almost perfect Kevin Ian, everyone around her thinks that meeting Kevin Ian is main reason. They think that Kevin Ian is the guardian angel that has been sent for him to guide Mary. Destiny always leave a clue but Mary always misunderstand the clues Destiny give her. So in the end will Destiny still help them or will they just fall apart?

Chapter Navigation

Part Two
Chapter 17 - The Rich and Infamous
Chapter 18 - The Yellow Package
Chapter 19 - The Slumber Party
Chapter 20 - The First Goodbye
Chapter 21 - Babies for 8 Weeks
Chapter 22 - Real Deal
Chapter 23 - Kim's Birthday
Chapter 24 - Shoulder to lean on
Chapter 25 - Louie's Birthday
Chapter 26 - My Birthday
Special Chapter 0.3 - The First Help from Destiny 
Chapter 27 - Karma has its own way to haunt me
Chapter 28 - It hurts when you won't let us in
Chapter 29 - Not lying, just not telling the truth
Chapter 30 - Betrayed by my own best friend
Chapter 31 - He's the reason why I'm hurting
Chapter 32 - The First Episode

Part Three
Chapter 33 - A Dream About Him
Chapter 34 - Back To School
Chapter 35 - Mistakes are what makes us human
Chapter 36 - Don't Say Goodbye 
Chapter 37 - Saying Goodbye To Allen
Chapter 38 – The Family Holidays
Chapter 39 – Being Bold and Daring
Chapter 40 - The First and Last Dance
Chapter 41 – Decisions have to be made
Chapter 42 – Nian’s sex exploits
Chapter 43 - The Dreamer and Realist
Chapter 44 - Graduation
Chapter 45 - When Life proves to be Unfair
Chapter 46 - The Final Help From Destiny
The Last Author's Note: MUST READ