Thursday, January 30, 2014

A Little Help from Destiny's Last Note

Author’s Note:

A Little Help from Destiny ends here after two years. Sa totoo lang, I wrote this story just for fun, inisip ko na since my friends loved hearing this story then why not write about it? So I wrote this. But when I started writing this story, I never realized how hard it would be to write this because if I did then I probably wouldn’t have written this. Nung isunulat ko kasi to, masaya ako. Nawala sa isip ko kung gaano kalungkot yung ibang nangyari noon.

Hindi pa dapat dito magtatapos yung storya. Kaso masyado ng mahaba at naisip kong i-cut na dito. Yung last chapter is dated back on Summer 2011.

Sa lahat ng storya ko, masasabi ko na eto ang favorite ko, siguro dahil bias ako pero eto talaga yung pinaka-gusto kong isulat kahit pa sobrang nahirapan ako. A smart little girl once told me that it’s better to let it out than to keep it in and wait for it to combust. In a way, I’m letting it out through writing. I’m proud of this story even if sometimes when I write it, the ugliness of everything shows. It’s okay.

Sa totoo lang hindi ko to re-recommend sa mga tao dahil diba dapat ang isang storya may lesson sa huli na matututunan ng heroine? Na pwedeng i-apply. Eto wala. This story even encourages death in some way and I know it’s wrong. This story is too emotional and depressing. Actually when I’m writing this, it sucks away my happy moods and keeps me on a very black mood. In this story you get a glimpse a girl who is full of scars that never quite heals. She doesn’t even want to try and that sends a wrong message but sometimes, it’s not right to lie that things will get better because it’s not.

Life is unfair and it will never get better. It’s messed up so why try to hide the messed up world right? This story is the glimpse of the messed up life of one girl. And I won’t ever change what happened even though it’s tempting because in this messed up world, the truth is the only thing you can depend on.

Thank you for waiting for this story at the very end. It’s been a long ride and now it’s time to say goodbye. Thank you so much for those heartwarming messages you guys had sent me supporting my every decisions.

Thank you.


This is not the end of Mary’s story by the way, you just got a glimpse of her life. I’m not sure though if I’m willing to share it, I already started writing the sequel entitled Fighting Destiny, I’m  just not sure if I can write it still. A Little Help from Destiny was hard enough and I know for sure, Fighting Destiny will be harder.

Fighting Destiny is much depressing and emotional than A Little Help from Destiny. It borders on self-loathing and it might drown you because when I wrote the first chapter of it, gah it really is pure of so much angst. But in Fighting Destiny, you’ll see the whole broken girl that you glimpsed from A Little Help from Destiny and let me tell you now, this whole story will show you the whole ugliness of life. That’s why I’m not so sure if I would want to write it because I’m afraid it might not help. I’m afraid to show the broken girl in full view.

But let’s see about it soon. 

However, if I do decide to write Fighting Destiny, baka hindi ko na dito i-post yung Fighting Destiny at sa Wordpress ko na ito i-post dahil gagawin kong private iyon at may password every chapter. I will give the password every Thursday with the link here.

I think by March I have my decision already with Fighting Destiny so if you could kindly wait for it then I'll be giving full instructions soon. Thanks. 


  1. atee wala po ba kayong softcopy ng part III?

    1. meron eto yung link oh. :)