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A Little Help from Destiny - Special Chapter 0.3

Special Chapter 0.3 - The First Help from Destiny 
(The First Letter from Kevin Ian)


          Hi go to a room with a mirror in it or just get yourself a mirror, because I am going to tell you a story you have never heard of, a story of how a boy met a girl, it's actually a romantic yet funny story of these two. Let's call the guy as Red and the girl as White. White first saw Red at a Church nearby her house, it was New Year's Eve; the favorite holiday of White excluding her birthday of course, she was listening to the Homily when Red got impatient to be noticed so he made the first move, he walked in front of her just to be seen. Right after the Mass, White's family went back home to finally greet their guests for that said party, Blue the brother like cousin of White who was missing at the Mass finally came back with a group of friends and that included Red. He wanted to be formally introduced to White, if he didn't beg Blue then he wouldn't had been there. White then let them all in as she hurriedly went back inside the house to watch her favorite movie but then her sister called her and said that the games will start and they had to eat their dinner. That they would all be participating in the games, she was all cheerful when the game started and that was one of the things Red liked about White. After the party, Red eventually went home to greet his family a Happy New Year but he still wanted to be with White so he called Blue and asked him for a sleepover, Blue agreed and he picked up Red at the playground. He introduced himself once again to White and the other cousin called Purple, they went back home and played games and the last game they were playing was Truth or Dare, it was fun and entertaining. Red's turn to ask finally came and luckily, the bottle pointed at White, he asked without hesitation if he could court her but being White she said no and walked out of the room, Blue gave Red another look, the look he gave him the first time he fell in love. 

        After New Year, the two got closer and White’s family approved the courtship. They were close friends but White would always tell Red no but of course, this was Red's chance so he would always answer White with "I'll wait for you no matter what." They spent the summer together and little did White know, Red was offered an admission to Brown University but he didn't want to go anywhere far from White, he was afraid of leaving her however White found out and told him to go and take the opportunity . He left because White convinced him to.

          Red haven't told White a secret he kept for a long time now, it was about his first love, the first unrequited love he had for a very beautiful girl he first saw, he was proud to say that he fell for her at first sight. He was still a grade six pupil when he first saw the girl and fell instantly, it was neither his friends nor classmates, she was not inside his circle. That happened when he went to his best friend's house, when he entered the house he was welcomed by his best friend's aunt who told him to wait for his best friend, she asked him to sit and he did. That was when he saw a girl wearing a white long dress playing with her little cousins like she was a child too. She was beautiful that he couldn’t look away, he just looked at her at the French door that separated them. His best friend came and maybe he noticed where he was looking, so his best friend looked at him, it was the first time he saw that look in his best friend's face and he told him "Bro, not her." It was a warning and because he wanted to protect their friendship, he didn't. However, whenever he went there and she was there, he couldn’t help but look at her secretly. Years passed but still his feelings didn't waver, but he got himself a girlfriend for popularity because in their school, they were the campus couple until now. One time when he went over to his best friend's house, he saw her again this time she was with her dad and they were really close, her dad was doing her project while she watched him in awe. His best friend again noticed and this time he looked at him again with the same warning and told him "You have Angel. Promise me you will not walk between that line because if you do remember what's at stake." For the sake of their friendship he hid his feelings and stuck with Angel but then they broke up when they were seniors that was when he finally got his best friend's approval to court his cousin. 

          Now you’re probably wondering who was the girl, right? The girl who hugs dogs, the girl who still plays with her cousins, the girl who is loved by her family, the girl who is clumsy at times, the girl who is so stubborn but then again that was one of the things that boy loved about her. Lastly, the girl who I am in love with that every time I closed my eyes, I only see myself with her. 

          Yes, it's you. It has always been you. Are you laughing right now? Don't you dare laugh at me because this isn't funny; this is our story. 

          I'm sorry if I kept this one a secret from you, I was a little afraid that you might think I was creepy and was a stalker. But believe me there were times when I wanted to tell you, just to stop you from teasing me that Angel was my first love, we would always argue because I'd deny it. I hate it when you're mad at me. You are my first love and I am not ashamed to tell people that you are. I may not be your first love; I wished I could be your last love as you would be mine. I will never tell you to forget him because I know it would be hard for you but I just wish that you could give me a little space in your heart. 

           They said our story is quite amusing for we have different version of how we first met. You first met me at the Church and I first met you years ago. I believe that one day our story would be the greatest story ever told because it's about you and I. There may be times we face hardships but always remember I am always here for you. I will always protect you. 

         When I promised you that I would never leave you, I would never break that promise. I would forever be here for you, no matter what. Because having met you was the best thing that ever happened in my life. You are the best thing in my life and it is so hard being away from you.

          Along with this letter, is the necklace, do you like it? It's not the same with the one you were looking at that day but I do hope you still like it. I decided to give that to you because of what I saw that day, you were looking at it with longing and though I don't know why, I just wanted to give you that along with my love, a love that no one can ever give you except me. 

           Happy birthday my one and only. I love you. I hope you get to spend your birthday with the people you love there. Next year I'll be there for you to celebrate it with. Take care my love and again happy birthday. 

With love, 
Your Knight in shining armor
Kevin Ian

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