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Princess on Break Chapter 5

Chapter 5

I woke up from the banging of the door, I groaned as I heard it. It's been a week since Alex kidnapped me and it's been a torture for me. He would wake me up at 6 in the morning and we would study until midnight. I was so tired that I wanted to scream at him and tell him I know the language already but I didn't. 

I didn't cause I thought I could also make his life a living hell since he has been doing it for me. He was frustrated just as I was. But this has to stop. I need to rest properly. So I decided to act that I finally learned like sort of a miracle or maybe I could tell him I have a photographic memory or something like that.

I'm pretty sure I am a good liar, I got away with pulling Cassandra's hair when we were still young, she cried telling everybody that I pulled her hair but I put on a good show and pretended to be hurt by her accusation, told them that she was the one who pulled my hair. They got mad of course that was the time I was still the first in line to the throne.

But things changed when they found out the gender of the child my mother was carrying, of course it was a boy and that sucked because I was no longer the adored 3 year old princess. All things were about mom being pregnant again and it's a boy.

I hated it. I hated my brother for stealing my spotlight. Life's so unfair in the British Royalties, why does boys always get the spotlight. I mean I am the eldest child but then my mother got pregnant with a boy and I ranked down to second.

And that's why I became the most hated princess of all time. I rebelled. I got mad. I had tantrums but they couldn't care less because they were busy ogling my brother. I was left out and pretty much due to me being well me, Cassandra suddenly became the adored princess. And I being the obnoxious princess that I am.

Alex started knocking again "Princess, come on get up." he yelled.

I got up from the bed "I'm up." I announced as I walked towards the bathroom to take a long shower, this would make Alex go crazy. After showering, I took my time from choosing what to wear for today.

After a long deliberation, I decided with a plain summer dress and went out of my room. I walked towards the kitchen and saw Alex reading the newspaper while holding his cup of coffee. I stood across the breakfast bar and saw that he already poured me my cup of coffee and that there were toasts in my plate. I mumbled a little thank you.

He didn't say anything just kept on reading the newspaper and I ate my piece quietly. That was until I saw the headline of the newspaper. Prince Benedict spotted at Las Vegas with Victoria Secret model Sasha Wayne.

I rolled my eyes, I'm pretty sure he got away with that one. I'm sure it's all positive. And if he ever decided to marry that Sasha, my father would have consented the marriage. Ben is after all the well-favored.

"Stupid Ben." I murmured. Me and Ben doesn't get along, or he tried but I just can't. Call me whatever you think I am and tell me that I am just jealous but I hated Ben because since he was born, I was left out. He would do something stupid but they would let him off the hook but not me.

They'd reprimand me saying I'm the eldest so I should set an example but why can't they tell that to Ben? Since the heir apparent and he should be the one with good image not me but no, he always get away and not me.

"I take it you're not fond of your brother being with the model?" I heard Alex voiced, I looked up and saw him staring at me.

"What did the news say exactly?"  I asked.

"Just a wild night at Vegas." He answered. "And that it is speculated that your brother proposed to Sasha Wayne." he said in a matter-of-fact tone.

I snorted and he looked at me "What?" I asked I was getting irritated by how he looked at me.

"Nothing. Nothing." he said nonchalantly.

"Why couldn't you just kidnap my brother instead of me?" I asked him when the thought of that model being my sister-in-law and be the queen consort. How could I let that happen?

Alex chuckled and I fought the urge to throw my remaining toast to him but I was hungry so I decided not to. "Why do you hate your brother so much?" he asked in a dead serious tone.

I do hate Ben but I don't admit it to people. I guess they just see it right through me. "I guess it's because of my bruised ego." I tried to say it as if I was just joking, I don't know if he bought it though. "Because he was born as a he and not a she." I said.

"You hate him because of his gender?" He asked. "You're such a feminist."

I rolled my eyes "It's not like that, I was the first in line to the throne then he came along."

"You want it so bad that you ended up hating your brother?" He asked and I saw the way he looked at me, the disbelief. And how he finally defined who I am. He thinks I hate my brother because I want to be the successor to the throne after my father. That's all they thought of me.

That I'm acting out to get their attention.

I just shrugged, not minding what he really thought of me anymore because they're all the same. They all labeled me as the princess who is acting out because she can never be queen. I didn't say anything and just ate my remaining toast.

They all think I want to be the queen and that's why I'm rebelling but can't they see? I'm like this because they wouldn't care about me. I'm always wrong even if I'm right. Ben is always right. It's always Ben the perfect son, Ben the perfect prince, Ben who never makes mistakes, Ben who will be the King.

And it's always Arabella the spoiled brat, Arabella the obnoxious princess, Arabella the rebel, Arabella who's always wrong, Arabella the disappointmentArabella who will never be Queen.

"Have you hated him ever since he was born?" he asked again.

I didn't answer him, what's the use?

I was happy when my mother got pregnant even if we found out it was a boy. I wanted another sibling. I know my spotlight had been taken away from me at that moment but it was fine in the beginning. It was. But it all changed when I was 7 years old.

Ben wanted us to play inside the gallery with his new ball, I knew we shouldn't because Maria had always told me never play inside the palace. But little Ben insisted so we played with Cassandra, then Ben hit the vase and it got broken.

I was panicking and I started to tell Ben that we were in big trouble, he started to cry along with Cassandra. When a staff came and saw what happened, she reported immediately to the king. Dad asked us what happened and I being the eldest told him that Ben broke it. Ben started crying again. Cassandra then interrupted and told dad that I was the one who broke it, dad asked Ben and he pointed at me.

Dad was so mad at me for lying and putting the blame on my little brother. The vase Ben broken was supposed to be auctioned at the charity event later that evening. And that was the first time I was told I was a big disappointment.

I hated Ben since then. No one believed me because how could the sweet little prince could lie and point the blame on his big sister?

For a seven year old girl to be told as a disappointment, it pretty much ruined my childhood. Since then I am always the disappointment. No wonder they could care less about my condition.

"Princess?" Alex called, I then snapped from zoning out and looked at him "I said finish your breakfast and we'll continue with your study."

Suddenly I was no mood for this things, I just wanted to go to my room. "Marunong na akong magTagalog, niloloko nalang kita na hindi pa ako marunong pero mabilis akong makaintindi kaya can I just please go to my room?" I asked. I don't care anymore if he finds out the truth, I just want to go back to my room.

Alex was taken aback by what I just told him, it was written in his face. "Go." he just said.

"Thank you." I muttered and walked towards my room.

When I entered my room, I closed the door and locked it. I fell on my knees and just started crying. My family don't care where I am right now. They believed the worst in me.

If Ben was the one who got kidnapped, would they look more into the letter? Would they believe that he just got bored with his life and decided to have a vacation? Or would they look for him?

Because as for me, they didn't look for me, they didn't ask any questions to why I was nowhere to be found in Boracay. They believed the letter and maybe they are all thinking what a disappointment I am to them. I left the event without even informing them.

How could they not looked for me? I know I am not important as Ben but I am still their daughter, I was their first born, shouldn't they feel worried?

I cried the whole day and when I looked at myself in the mirror I found my eyes swollen, I took a long cold shower. I decided to face Alex, I know he has questions to ask and I'm quite hungry.

When I went out of my room, I saw Alex in the living room tying his tie. Is he going somewhere? He haven't left the flat since we got here so is he?

"Are you going somewhere?" I asked.

He then turned to me and nodded "Troy's bar is opening tonight and he invited me." he answered. "There's an ice cream at the fridge. And when I get home we'll see if you really do know how to speak." he said.

I smiled at him "You're leaving me alone?" I asked excitedly and he nodded "Me alone?" I pointed at myself "Aren't you afraid that I am going to call the consulate and ask them to pick me up?" I asked him.

He then looked like he was thinking something "Right. Then you're coming with me princess."

"Wh-what?" I asked. I thought I was to be alone tonight?

"You said it yourself. You might call them and I can't let that happen."

"I was just joking Alex. I won't leave, I promise. Don't you trust me?" I asked. I wasn't really leaving, being here is much better than home. If they don't want me there then might as well stay here where I can find solace.

"I don't." Alex said. He doesn't trust me, who would anyway? "So go and change."

I smiled weakly at him "You know even if you kidnapped me I do trust you. I don't know why but I do. I thought that you leaving me here alone would mean that you trust me too." I said and turned around to walk towards my room again.

"Arabella wait." he said but I didn't look back and just walked away.

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