Friday, January 4, 2013

Princess on Break ~Another Prologue

“Do you miss him?” 

I looked at the person who was also looking at me sincerely. 

I forced a laugh. “Why would I miss my kidnapper?” I asked At isa pa anong magagawa ko pag sinabi kong miss na miss ko na siya?” I asked and he looked at me with a puzzled look. Of course I spoke in Filipino because he doesn’t understand Filipino after all. 

“Then why are you sulking around?” he asked, he is very irritated right now, who wouldn't?  “What really happen to you when you were kidnapped?” 

What happened? That I don’t know too.

I am a princess by blood, once I was kidnapped, and that changed my point of view in life. 

I looked at the stars above me, and I started remembering what happened before this all. 

When I was still an obnoxious princess. 

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