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Princess on Break Chapter 1

Chapter 1

"Your highness." my lady-in-waiting called me.

I stopped from pretending to read a book, I just wanted to make an impression.  I wanted to show that I'm that kind of princess. She's new after all.

I looked at her, she was nervous and so I smiled at her and she seemed pleased when I smiled. I stood up dropping the book on the floor, they can always pick that up, I walked towards the mirror and looked at myself. And I noticed that she's also looking at me "Am I beautiful?" I asked in my most sweetest voice as I turned to her.

"Yes your highness." another compliment from the ladies-in-waiting. But I don't really need their compliment because I know I am beautiful. Would I be a princess if I wasn't? 

I looked at the mirror again after smiling at her, I fixed my hair and the tiara that I am wearing, I always like wearing a tiara, well I'm a princess after all so maybe that's in my blood.

I removed my tiara as I walk towards the new lady-in-waiting, and I put the tiara in her head, now I have lost once again a tiara. She seemed surprised with what I just did. And so I smiled mischievously "From this moment on, you will not leave this room, and when someone enter tell them I'm asleep. Or if you have to you could pretend to be me. I bet becoming a princess even for an hour or a day is one of your greatest dreams." I smiled and she seemed to lose her face now. 

I walked towards the door "If you get caught, I would say you committed treason by kidnapping the princess." I smiled my famous devil smile and walked out of the room. 

As I was walking, I already know that it's hard to leave the palace without anyone noticing it, there are many palace guards. But it's my lucky day since it's Summer and they will be holding a tour of the palace which I totally hate because it's like people are invading our privacy. But what can I do right? We're royalties by blood but we don't actually rule the country. We are just a figure for people to look at. A doll.

As I was saying, I was walking when I already heard footsteps and so I walked as fast as I could, I haven't even gone down and I would already be caught? 

"Your highness." that surprised me which led me to stop from walking because Maria, my governess and I am fondly scared of her. 

"Oh there you are Maria. I have been looking for you.... do you know that my new lady-in-waiting is in my room right now? And wearing my tiara?" I talked so fast that moment. 

She just stared at me like I was unbelievable "Haggang ngayon po ba ayan parin ang ginagamit mong dahilan pagnahuhuli ka your highness?" she asked, she's a Filipino and I learned a lot from her. I know Filipino of course. 

I haven't introduced myself yet, I'm HRH Princess Royal Arabella Katerina Elizabeth. And yes I am a true monarch, I am a part of the royal family. My father, HM King Charles Robert married my mother of course he would, HM Queen Isabella Elizabeth, my mother have a Filipino blood because her grandmother was a Filipino. And so I still have a Filipino blood. And I know Filipino. But of course I don't talk in Filipino but I know the language. 

I just smiled at Maria "Gusto ko lang naman makita ang mga tao na nagtotour sa loob." I said when Maria starts to talk in Filipino, I follow her, it's a great practice.

"Alam mong bawal." she said, I can't leave the palace because I was grounded by the king and queen. I've always been fooling around and so they grounded me. "Why do you have to make your ladies-in-waiting suffer for your foolishness?" this is what I love about Maria, she's honest. Even if  I am a princess she still reprimands me with respect no white lies when it comes to her. 

"It's so fun. So nagsumbong ba ang bago?" I asked her. That girl would be dead soon.

"Hindi pa naman po your highness, pero pinapatawag po kayo." she said and she guided me towards the drawing room. 

I saw my father and mother chatting and I saw the prime minister seating and drinking his cup of tea. They looked at me as I enter the room. My father signaled me to sit and so I did. Maria was long gone, I think this is a private conversation again

"The prime minister have prepared your charity works." I looked at my father seriously? "You've done enough foolishness for this year so we expect you to do your duty as a princess." he said firmly. "Do you understand?"

"Yes your majesty." I said. 

Then the prime minister handed me a paper, in a royal blue coated  folder with the royal crest of course. I opened the folder and read it and after reading it I looked at them one by one in disbelief. "Why do I have to go to third-world countries?" I asked in disbelief. What is wrong with these people?

"That's your punishment young lady." my mother spoke "This year, you've only attended a few royal engagements, you have always been missing." my mother said. 

" send me to...." I begun my protest but dad spoke once again. 

"No more buts."

"But don't you fear me being kidnapped? Or worst be assassinated while I'm doing my charity works over some third world countries? I could just go to France or Russia or even the US." I protested. 

"You love adventure honey so don't whine about this." mother said

"And don't worry your highness, your security level is at its high." the prime minister spoke with pride with the security. 

I can't do anything anymore since they have already decided. I looked again and then I saw Philippines, I have always wanted to go there Maria speaks highly of the culture.  After the meeting, I hurriedly went back to my room, and there I saw the new lady-in-waiting looking at the mirror while she's actually fixing the tiara, I smirked. 

"Are you done dreaming of being me?" I asked and she was surprised to see me and she immediately removed the tiara.

She walked towards me and bowed "Your highness." she greeted and she hand over the tiara. 

I looked at the tiara and then her "It's a souvenir from the palace." I smiled. I walked towards my walk-in closet but before I could hold the knob I looked at her once more "Although I can't fire you but Maria will." I smiled deviously her face went pale. I wasn't supposed to fire her but she was the first person I saw since I got out of the drawing room and I am fuming mad.

I entered the walk in closet, I went towards the intercom before it was just a bell but now technology has everything "Jane why aren't you in my room? You have to prepare my luggage." I said over the intercom. 

And after 5 minutes, they have arrived, I looked at them, I am sitting in the sofa in the middle of my closet. They took the suitcases out and just stood in front of me "Why is she here?" I asked when I noticed the new lady-in-waiting. 

"What's wrong with Lilac your highness?" Jane asked as she looked at the new lady-in-waiting named Lilac.

"I don't want her so get her out. Maria can fire her soon but I don't want her in my room." I said and so they escorted Lilac out. They knew I was having another tantrums and they can't do anything about it.

After that, they prepared my luggage, I would be leaving later after dinner. 

I feel excited but scared after all I'm in a foreign land and to top it all, countries which haven't developed really. 

But for unknown reason I feel that something both good and bad will actually happen during my trip. 

And the night came, I didn't bother saying goodbye to my parents because I am mad at them for sending em to third world countries, when they knew I hated those places, I was escorted to the private jet, no media of course, I'm not really the media loving kind of princess. I always avoid being seen. And so medias only have few stolen photos of me. 

And after three countries my last country to go to is the Philippines. 

And when I stepped out of the airport, I knew something would definitely happen.

Princess Arabella 

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