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My Sweet Revenge Chapter 3

My Sweet Revenge Chapter 3

"Babe, the Monteverde would be coming over for lunch to discuss the contract." Ren reminded Anna. Nasa may balcony sila sa second floor ng mansion, nagii-sketch si Anna habang si Ren naman ay nagbabasa ng mga documents na kailangan niyang pirmahan. 

Inalis ni Anna ang pagkapatong ng paa niya kay Ren at umayos ng upo. "Okay. I'll make sandwiches." she smiled at him and rose to her seat. Wala pa kasi silang mga kasambahay ngayon dahil lahat ng dating nagtratrabaho sa mga Monteverde ay nawala nalang bigla. 

"Thanks babe." Ren said and before Anna could go down to the kitchen he held her hand and she looked at him, he smiled at her "We'll hire maids." he said. 

Anna just smiled at him. "Do we still need to?" she asked. "Aren't we going back to New York after the contract signing?" ayun naman talaga ang plano nila dati, ang pumunta lang dito upang ayusin yung kontrata, it was the revenge she wanted, to buy their land at ipamukha sa kanila na hindi na siya isang basahan na kayang kaya nilang itapon. 

"I'd like to stay for a little while and get to know the place you grew up." Ren said and Anna frowned at him. Bakit kailangan pa nilang magstay? "You don't want that?" tanong ni Ren and he looked so sad and cute at the same time, eto lagi ang ginagamit sa kanya ni Ren pag may gusto ito dahil alam nito na hindi siya makakatanggi sa kanya. 

She sighed in defeat "I have a fashion show in three months Ren." she reminded him. 

Ren smiled dahil alam niyang makukumbinsi na niya ito. "Then let's stay here for three months." he said "Come on Philippines is your home and I'd like to get to know this place." 

Umupo si Anna sa lap ni Ren and she encircled her hands around his neck and looked at him straight in the eyes. "My home is wherever you are Ren, not this place but yours." she said. 

"I love you, you know that right?" Ren asked her. 

She chuckled "Would I marry you if you're not?" She smiled at him "And I love you too my Ren." 

Ren leaned forward and was about to kiss her but was interrupted by someone who cleared his throat, he turned his gaze away from Anna and to the man and it was Art. "My parents are here already Mr. Thorpe." he announced. 

Tumayo na si Anna sa pagkaupo sa lap ni Ren "I'll make the sandwiches." she said and was about to walk away but Ren pulled her to him and she again was seated on his lap, he gave her a peck in the lips and Anna smiled. Tumayo na ulit si Anna at pinalo niya sa may braso si Ren "Thief." she teased and walked away. 

"I love you Anna!" Ren yelled as Anna walked away. She just laughed and she was gone.


Tinignan ni Ren si Art na nakatingin sa pinto kung saan lumabas si Anna pababa. And what he saw made him question everything about the stories Anna told him about Art. "Mr. Monteverde, I would like to talk about the workers before here, why are they gone?" he asked. 

"They've been dismissed Mr. Thorpe and please just call me Art." 

"Oh. Please it's Ren." he said to Art. Tumayo na din siya at inayos yung mga documents niya as well as Anna's drafts. "I'd like to hire workers for the land and also help inside the house." he told him. 

"I'll help you with hiring. But I thought you'd only stay until the contract has been signed?" Art asked. 

"I have some business to attend to here in the Philippines and Anna could use some vacation, she's been working too much lately." Ren said. He had a plan in his hands. A plan that could make Anna happy. He would do everything just to see the smile on her face. That's why he bought this land, for him to see the satisfaction in her eyes. And so far he'd seen it but it was still not enough. 

Bumaba na din sila and sakto dahil nandun na din yung magasawang Monteverde, he motioned them to go to the garden outside. Bago sila umupo, they shook hands. 

"So Mr. Thorpe are you satisfied with the land?" Asked Roberto Monteverde. 

"It's quite beautiful." Ren admitted. "Do you have anything to add in the contract?" he asked. The sale of this land had been quite long. Madaming pagbabago sa kontrata and he was getting irritated. 

"Nah. It's solid. We should proceed with the contract signing." 

Ren smiled "Of course. Maybe tomorrow we could sign it?" finally!

"Yes that would be wonderful."  Alicia said "We'd love to invite you for dinner some other time." she said to him. "I assume you met my daughter Lilac? She's a great cook and so would you like to come?" she asked. 

Ren smiled at her to be polite of course. "I need to ask my fiancée first." 

Nawala yung ngiti ni Alicia nang malaman nitong may fiancée na ang lalaki "Oh of course." she tried. 

"Oh here she is." Ren smiled and looked at Anna who was holding a tray of sandwiches and juices. Art immediately stood to help her and that made him frowned. 

Nilingon na din nila Alicia si Anna and their jaw dropped open. Napatayo si Alicia "Anong ginagawa mo dito ah!?" she asked nang nakalapit na si Anna sa kanila "Haggang ngayon pa ba hindi mo pa alam ang lugar mo sa pamilya namin?" she asked "Isa ka lang naman basahan at kahit anong gawin mo hindi ka magiging isang Monteverde!" 


Anna was raging furious; basahan ayan lang ang tingin sa kanya ng mga ito. Ano pa ba ang bago pero makikita nila. She was about to say something pero inunahan siya ni Ren. "I may not understand what you're saying right now." Ren started at napatingin sa kanya si Alicia ganun din si Roberto "But hearing your tone you must be saying something awful." he said. 

"Oh I'm sorry Mr. Thorpe is just that I am once again seeing this trash." Alicia said. 

And because of that Ren stood up angrily, alam ni Anna na galit na si Ren, trash. Alam ni Ren kung gaano kasakit para kay Anna ang salitang iyon. "That's my fiancée you're calling a trash." he told her. 

Lalong nagulat si Alicia "What?" she asked, tumingin siya kay Anna ulit "Dahil hindi mo nakuha yung anak ko, siya naman? Wala ka na bang ibang alam kundi ang mang-akit ng mga lalaki?" 

Anna smiled at her "Sa tingin ko you're talking about yourself." she said. May isang sikreto si Anna laban kay Alicia at mas lalo niya itong kinamuhian dahil dun. 

"Aba't may lakas kang sagutin ako?" Alicia yelled. "Sino ka ba sa tingin mo? Isa ka lang basahan! Isang basura! Patapon ka lang!"

Lumapit na si Ren kay Anna "I think it's time for you to leave." he told Alicia. "I don't like the way you're talking with Anna." he said firmly.

"She's nothing but a gold digger. She'll use you. She's no one." 

"Ma." pag-aawat ni Art.

"The girl you're calling a trash is my fiancée and she's not a gold digger. She's a well respected icon in New York so watch what you're saying about her." Ren said. "She's about to buy this land of yours."

"Ha! Then the deal is off. Why would I let my land go to her dirty hands?" Alicia said. 

"Of course. Why would I let you talk like that to my fiancée? We'll be leaving today and I expect the 15 million I deposited in your account to be send back in my account." Ren said.

Nawala ang ngiti ni Alicia, hindi niya akalain na talagang magba-back out ang mga ito. At dun na sumingit si Roberto, kailangan nila ng perang iyon at pagtuluyan ng nabili ito mas madadagdagan pa ang pera at kailangan talaga nila ng pera. Alam iyon ni Anna dahil pinaimbestigahan niya ang mga ito dati. "I'm sure we could talk about this. We should not make decisions without thinking about it right?" 

Anna secretly smiled. Desperate man she thought. "I'm sorry but no. My fiancée had been insulted and your wife suggested it first." Ren said. 

Art stepped in "What if we apologize for the insults?" he asked. 

Tinignan ito ni Ren and he thought about it "No apologies would change my mind. Anna doesn't deserve to be insulted like that." he said, he was really sure to leave the place, to cancel it kahit pa hindi niya makita ang satisfaction sa mga mata nito dahil ayaw niyang nilalait si Anna. Hindi niya hahayaan na masaktan ito. "Lucas!" he called Lucas na nasa may gilid lang. Agad na dumating si Lucas "Prepare the car we'll be leaving shortly."

"Are we going to the airport?" Lucas asked. 

"No. We'll be going to Mr. Robledo's villa." he said. 

Lucas nodded and left shortly. "Anna go and pack our things." he said to Anna. Tinignan siya ni Anna na naguguluhan pero alam na din ni Anna ang mangyayari, they were really leaving and so she nodded and left. "So I expect the 15 million by this evening." he told Roberto. 

"Can't we really talk about it?" Roberto asked. "Alicia would apologize."

"As I told you I don't want your apologies." Ren said

"I thought you needed a land here in the Philippines."

"And I will have one. You should know Mr. Robledo, he offered his land to me." sabi ni Ren. Yung lupain na iyon ay sa kabilang bayan. It was a well known fact sa magkalapit na bayan na magka-away ang mga Monteverde at Robledo. This should be fun. 

"What would you like us to do to change your mind?" Art asked. 

"Nothing." Ren said. At nagsimula na siyang maglakad palayo. 

"If we convinced Anna would you?" Art asked. 

Nilingon siya ni Ren. Hindi naisip iyon ni Ren. Alam niyang gusto ni Anna itong lupain na ito para makapaghiganti na siya. And an idea popped into his head. "I'd think about it if she asked me to." he said. 

"Then stay. We'll convince Anna." Roberto asked "We'll even ask for forgiveness." 

Ren was about to say yes but then Anna appeared "I want to leave Ren." she said and then she turn her gaze to the three Monteverde "Kahit anong gawin niyo, hindi na namin ito bibilhin." she said. she was okay. Nakita na niya ang mga ito at nagulat na sila at ngayon nagmamakaawa na sila sa harap niya, sapat na iyon at ang pinakamagandang revenge ay ang hindi pagbili ng lupa dahil alam niyang hindi na mababalik ng mga ito ang 15 million na dineposit ni Ren. "Kaya if I were you I'd find a way to return the 15 million, I'd give you two days and if not, our lawyers will handle this." she smiled sweetly. 

"Anna, kilala mo naman kami, may pinagsamahan naman tayong lahat dito diba? Nagtrabaho ka sa amin dati kaya pagisipan mo naman."Roberto said. Talagang pinaalala nito na nagtrabaho siya sa kanila?

"Pinagsamahan?" she laughed. "Wala tayong pinagsamahan." she said as she looked into the man's eye with her cold glare.

"Anna kailangan namin ng pera, so pagisipan mo naman."  Roberto said. 

"Pakiusap Anna." Alicia said at nagulat si Anna, wow, kaya pala nito magmakaawa. 

"At bakit ko naman gagawin iyon? Nakiusap din ako sa inyo dati pero hindi niyo ako pinakinggan. Nagmakaawa ako sa harap niyo pero tinapon niyo lang ako. Ni wala kayong paki nung namatay si itay. Kunting pera lang naman ang kailangan namin pero hindi kayo nakinig." Anna said, trying her best not to cry. "Let's just go Ren." she turned away. 

Nagulat nalang bigla ang mga tao sa paligid "I'm sorry Anna." Art voice made her stop, nilingon niya ito at nagulat dahil nakaluhod na ito. 

Ganito ba nila kailangan ng pera at kaya nilang lumuhod? At humingi ng tawad kahit hindi naman nila gusto? "Kahit anong gawin mo Art, hindi na magbabago ang isip ko."

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