Sunday, January 6, 2013

Just a Spoonful of Love Part Two - Chapter 14

Just a Spoonful of Love
Chapter 14
Kathryn's Point of View

I must be crazy. 

Pero I can't help myself! Tuwing nakikita ko silang magkasama, nagseselos ako na gusto kong ilayo si Bea kay Daniel. I tried my best para kalimutan siya at subukang mahalin si Enrique dahil soon I'm going to marry the guy and we would be spending our lives together it seems fair to love him pero I can't.

Kahit anong gawin ko si Daniel parin. Siya lang. Sobra ko siyang mahal na sobra na din akong nasasaktan. Whenever I see him, I always doubt my decision na magalit sa kanya dahil he look so broken, pero tuwing nakikita ko si Bea, it all stopped there.

I want so badly to believe na mahal niya ako pero there's Bea and those photos. Gustong gusto kong hilingin na sana ako nalang, na sana dumating siya sa usapan namin dati. Na sana hindi niya ako sinaktan.

I heard someone knocked and opened the door of my room. "Milady, Mr. Khalil is here to see you." one of the maid informed me.

Tumayo na ako at sinara ko na yung photo album na puro pictures nila Bea and Daniel! Ok! Don't blame me, it what's keeps me moving. Every time na titignan ko yun, my anger towards Daniel grew.

I went to the living room where Khalil is, hindi ko alam kung bakit siya nandito ngayon. I mean, we're friends pero sympre I was always with Enrique na and I don't go to school dahil nga ayaw ko ng makita sila Bea. Yes I'm bitter, sino bang hindi diba? I ALMOST ELOPED WITH THE GUY!

Pagpasok ko, I saw Khalil staring at the photo frame in the piano, that was me and mom. But why is he looking at it? He didn't seem to notice me and I heard him say something weird "I'm sorry madam, I couldn't protect her." it was really weird. And I don't even understand a bit of it. Nagulat ata siya nung napatingin na siya sa may pinto "Kanina ka pa?"

I shook my head. I gestured him to sit sa couch but he didn't so nakatayo lang kaming dalawa. "So... what brings you here?"I asked.

"Do you still love Daniel?" nagulat ako sa tanong niya, of all questions why that one?

"Wh....what?"I asked nervously.

"Just please sagutin mo lang Kath."

I sighed. I was not facing the playful Khalil, I was facing the serious one. Katulad nung dati nang tinanong niya ako kung mahal ko ba si Daniel, he was dead serious. "I do." I answered truthfully, ano pang saysay kung magsisinungaling ako?

"Then ayaw mo bang matuloy ang kasal niyo ni Enrique?"

I looked at him with all seriousness "I..... it....Ayokong makasal pero.... it's a family tradition that I must carry on." and Daniel is long gone. I'd rather marry Enrique than be alone in my life.

"Kath we live in the 21st century!" he said "I can help you Kath. I can help you run."

Run? Ayan lang ba yung choice ko? Takbuhan yung problema ko? I'm so tired of running and hiding. I just want a normal life. Is that so much to ask?

"Ayoko ng magtago Khalil." I expressed my sadness.

"That was what you were planning before the ball Kath."

"Pero akala ko mahal ako ni Daniel nun."

"And he still does!" Khalil exclaimed "Look mahal na mahal ka ni Daniel. Kung si Bea ang iniisip mo, she's sick!"

"Alam kong may sakit siya!"

"No, she's mentally ill Kath!" he revealed. What the? Paano? Pero kung sabagay parang..... "Ikaw ang mahal ni Daniel and he never agreed on marrying Bea." sabi niya sa akin

"How could that even happen?" I asked in disbelief "He never showed up Khalil!"

He groaned in frustration "Look it shouldn't be me explaining this." sabi niya "Give him a benefit of a doubt Kath. Hindi mo pa naririnig yung explanation niya. Hear him." he said and he walked towards me and leaned and kissed me in my forehead "Hear him please."  he said and he just left.

Tama si Khalil, never kong pinakinggan si Daniel. I jumped to conclusions! How could I do that?

Nanlulumo akong umakyat papunta sa kwarto ko dahil alam kong it's too late to even hear Daniel's explanation and saying how sorry I was for not trusting him. I threw the times we had together because of those stupid photos!

I let the photos do the talking.

Pagpasok ko sa kwarto ko, I noticed that the door leading to my balcony was open, it was not open when I left my room so naglakad ako papunta sa balcony, sasara ko lang sana ito kaso naisipan kong lumabas at magpahangin.

I stepped out and pagkalabas ko palang, strong arms were wrapped around my waist. I can hear his heavy breathing, I could even feel how hot his breathing is as his mouth was really closed to my neck.

Hinawakan ko yung kamay, at first I was startled na may yumakap sa akin pero I knew that arms, that embrace. It always had made me feel safe. "Daniel." I said and I turned myself to face him.

Oh I miss him so much. Ngayon ko nalang ulit siya nakita sa malapitan. Tears started to welled up and I tried to hold it in.

"Kath." he said and pulled me towards him and hugged me so tight I couldn't breathe "I missed you so much."

"I missed you too Daniel." I said and my mind had already concluded what will happen tonight!

I will listen to Daniel's side. There's always many sides in a story. "I love you so much Kath."

How could I even doubt him? His love? When before I've always felt it? I was stupid. I was.... no words could describe what I am.

"Why didn't you show up Daniel?" I finally asked him, humiwalay na ako sa kanya and I held his hand and led him towards the room, mahirap na pag nagstay kami sa balcony, there were guards everywhere.

I let him sit in the edge of the bed. At ako naman nakatayo lang. I kept my hold in his hands and looked at him. "You broke my heart Daniel when you didn't show up." I almost cried with the memories.

"I was late Kath." he answered. Late? "Si Tita, she placed so many guards sa labas ng kwarto ko. Then Bea came." I tried to let go of his hand pero he tighten his hold. "Akala ko she was just being a good friend pero she made me late and wala ka na dun. I thought you never showed up." his voice was hurt.

"I'm sorry for doubting you Daniel." I said "Sorry kasi naniwala ako sa kanila. But I was hurt kasi I love you so much Daniel." I cried.

He pulled me to him and niyakap niya ako "Sorry dahil nasaktan ka Kath. I'm so sorry. I'll make it up to you." he said.

"Say you love me again Daniel."

"I love you Kath. I'll do whatever I need to prove myself to you again."

Hinarap ko siya and smiled "Really? Kahit ano?"

"Yes kahit ano Kath."

And I knew what I wanted from him. Khalil just reminded me what I've wanted. With Daniel I can have normalcy. It doesn't matter if we're hiding or not. He gave me love, family.

"Runaway with me."