Friday, February 15, 2013

Princess on Break Chapter 3

Chapter 3

I was kidnapped! 

Oh Lord. What would I do? Would this creepy guy kill me? Or sell me to some unknown enemy of my country? It has been a day since the kidnapping occurred and I'm here at some flat in the city. The flat has a masculine vibe in it so I presumed this is own by the creepy guy. 

I wasn't tied to a chair or something, or gagged, and it was weird I supposed but well he wouldn't hurt me if he would ask for a ransom right? But what if he's an assassin? 

From my point of view, he's a Filipino, from the way he speaks and I heard him once over the phone speaking the language and I understood it of course. And I wouldn't let him know I know the language it's my only chance of survival.

If he didn't kidnap me, I would say he looked good but well he did kidnap me so he's creepy and ugly for me! 

I do hope the consulate would find me soon! 

"You know whatever scheme you're up to it won't work. By this time the consulate would find me and they'd catch you and of course you'd be send in prison for trying to kidnap a princess." I told him, I was seated on one of the couches at the living room while he was seated at the bar reading a newspaper I guess. 

He then looked at me and smiled playfully "They won't search for you." he said as if he knows something. 

I scoffed "What makes you think that? I'm a princess of course they would look for me!"

"Why would they look for you if you're having a vacation somewhere across this country?" 

I gaped at him in disbelief. "What did you do?" I asked. 

He shrugged "Left a letter back at your consulate telling them you have enough and would take a time off."

I stood up "Ha!" I said "As if they would believe that kind of letter!" Only an idiot would fall for that one! Right? And the ambassador should know better. And Jane!

"Oh they believed it." he said and he stood up and grabbed the remote and turned the television on "Would you look at that." he said and I watched the news, the whole news was that we are leaving Philippines, it showed the royal guards riding the plane along with Jane. And it also said that I was already in that plane!

"How in the world?" I said as I watched the news unfold. How could they be so stupid to believe that kind of letter?

He smirked. "The consulate believed that you did run off somewhere, and his majesty ordered them to go back without telling the whole world where you are." he smiled. 

Oh Lord. Why did they believe that kind of letter? Why? My knees started to weaken so I sat down again. Tears were beginning to fall but I couldn't let this guy see me cry. No. But why did daddy believe that I would actually do that? Is it because of my attitude back home? Why won't they look it over once again? Is that what they really think of me? 

"Now what?" I asked. "What would you do to me? Kill me?" I asked and glared at him.

He laughed "I may be a kidnapper but I'm no murderer." he said. "But from now on, you'll do what I tell you and if you try to escape I might do what you expect me to do with you." he said "Kill you." he added and I gasped "So follow me Arabella."

I looked up to him. "Don't call me Arabella!" I hissed. "I'm a princess and you should respect me!"

He raised both of his hand as to say he surrender or whatever "Chill princess. Masyadong mainitin ang ulo nito." he murmured "I can call you whatever names I want ok?" he said. He sat beside me "My friends would come in an hour, don't do something stupid. And from now on you're my cousin from UK." he said. 

"Until when are you going to hold me hostage?" I asked. 

"I don't know." he said and for a second I almost believed that he didn't really know until when but I knew better. "Go change, I bought you new clothes that you should wear." he said as he lifted me up and directed me to the room across his. 

When I entered, I saw paper bags on top of the bed, I went towards it and opened it and took one dress in it and went to the rest room to shower.

I heard voices coming from the outside of my room and I quietly opened my door to eavesdrop. 

"Alex, hinahanap ka pala ni Trish sa akin. Saan ka ba nagpunta man?" a guy asked someone named Alex. 

"Sinundo ko lang yung pinsan ko."  my kidnapper said, of course I knew his voice, so his name is Alex.

I went out the room and made an appearance to the people in the living room. I saw Alex aka my kidnapper sitting at the couch where I was seated before, and two guys more, they were boat seated at the love seat.  Alex stood up and went towards me "Troy, Caleb eto pala si Arabella." he introduced me to the two guys who both stood up. I discreetly used my elbow to poke Alex when he called me Arabella, he looked at me irritated "Oh yeah maarte pala tong pinsna ko kaya tawagin niyo siyang princess." of course I didn't respond to that because he would know that I know their language. 

"Dude hindi ka ba niya naiintindihan?" this is the one who asked Alex before. 

"Hindi yan nakakaintindi ng Tagalog. Tuturuan ko palang." Alex answered.

Ha. If only you know. 

"Kailan ka ba nagkapinsan ng sobrang ganda Alex?"

"Nasa lahi na namin yan." Alex boasted. As if. I know I'm beautiful of course I'm a princess! "So Arabella..." I glared at him "Ok ok... Princess Arabella this is my two friends Troy.." he pointed the other guy "And Caleb." he pointed the one who asked him before. 

"Dude bakit mo tinatawag na princess yan?" Caleb asked. 

Alex laughed. "Feeling prinsesa kasi yan kaya ganyan. Sympre galing sa UK kaya feeling kasama na siya sa royal family."Duh Alex I'm a princess! 

"It's nice to meet you two." I smiled at them and they both looked at me "Are you by chance an accomplice to what this man is doing?" I asked and Alex shot me daggers. 

"And what is that?" Caleb asked and I can see he was very intrigue with my question.

"He kid.....nhappedmeh." I said as Alex hand covered my mouth.

"Dude ano yung sinabi niya?" Troy asked. 

"Saglit lang ah." sabi ni Alex and he dragged me towards his room. He slammed the door and I was pushed to the wall. "If you say one more word about being kidnapped I swear to God, I'd kill you." 

"Then kill me now." I challenged him. 

He groaned in frustration "Don't challenge me princess, I might as well do that. Just do what I say and I won't hurt you. Relax and think of this not as a kidnapping but a vacation." 

"I want to go home Alex." I said defeated.

He was surprised by I don't know what "How did you know my name?" he asked as if knowing his name was impossible for me

I rolled my eyes. "Duh they were calling you Alex. So please I want to go home." I whined.

"You can't go home yet Arabella." He said firmly.


"You're still an obnoxious princess."

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