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Just a Spoonful of Love Part Two - Chapter 18

Chapter 18

"Are you excited?" Julia asked in excitement.

Today would be my wedding day. Today I will be married to my love, to my Daniel. And excitement is not what I feel right now but happiness. And hindi mawala sa pakiramdam ko tong kasiyahan na to kasi Daniel is what my heart wants. Siya lang at mahal ko siya.

Ngumiti ako sa kanya, we're at my room kakatapos lang akong ayusan, I wore a simple white wedding dress. But for me it was perfect. Everything today is perfect, dahil kasama ko si Daniel.

A knock came and the door opened. Paul came in and smiled at me like he was really proud "Milady are you ready?" he asked.

"More than ever." sagot ko "How's the crowd?" I asked.

"Shocked?" he answered. People we invited didn't even know that they're attending a wedding, a wedding that was kept in secret. And now they will be witnessing it.

Bumaba na kami nila Julia, and sa dulo ng hagdan ay nandun si Mr. Santos, one of our investors. I smiled at him at ganun din siya nung nakita niya ako. "So this is what you're keeping." sabi niya. "Akala ko it would be Enrique Vanderbilt and not the other." he said.

"Well Enrique and I don't match. And of course diba sa marriage we did to match for the marriage to work? And with Daniel well we match." I smiled "I just hope Mr. Santos that you understand that."

He smiled again "Of course. Marriage is all about love. You don't marry someone you don't love for the sake of a company." he said "I am proud of you as your mother would have been."

Mommy. I wish she's here. I wish she could say that to me. That she's proud. "Thank you sir." I said.

"Go now. He's waiting for you." and just like that nauna na siyang naglakd papunta sa garden ng bahay.

Lumabas na kami and nagpunta din sa garden, the garden was set beautifully, it was all white and pure just like our love. The arch was perfectly beautiful. And oh the man standing there was dashing. I smiled as he looked at

I turned to Paul "Paul would you like to do the honor of walking me down the aisle?" I asked, Paul is a family for me, it has always been like that. He's a brother to me.

He looked surprised but he's delighted "Of course milady." he said and just like that nauna ng maglakad si Julia and then us. "Lagi mong tandaan milady na I would always be protecting you. So kapag nalaman na ng mga Vanderbilt ito don't worry milady."

"Thanks Paul. But I can handle them." I said "Mommy would be proud right? That I made my own decision? That I marry the one I love?" I asked

"She would be milady. Diba ayun naman po talaga ang gusto niya? Ang maranasan mo ang buhay ng isang normal na babae."

We were already at the front and he smiled at me and he gave my hand to Daniel. Daniel gladly took it and he gave me the most sweetest smile ever. We walked towards the priest who would marry us. And we both stole glances from each other.

The ceremony was perfect as we said our I do's. As we vowed our love in front of others and God. The reception was of course held here at the house. Of course many talked to us. Congratulated us both. Our marriage wasn't questioned. Nor judged by them, in fact they were all happy about it.

It was time for the dance and Daniel took my hand and guided me towards the floor. "Wife." he said "I love you so much."

"I love you too."  I said and he leaned in and kissed me. And everybody clapped their hands. We gazed at each other and his eyes are full of love and I'm sure mine was mirroring his. "Daniel?"


"Where would we live?" I asked.

"Wherever you want Kath."

"Can we live in the house I used to live in?" I asked. That was home for me. "Kasi puno yun ng memories natin and it was such a happy place."

He smiled at me "Sure my love." he said and the song ended.

Khalil asked me for a dance and so Daniel let him. "Masaya ako pasa sainyo ni Daniel."

"It was all because of you Khalil. Kung hindi mo sinabi sa akin na pakinggan siya edi wala tayo dito ngayon." I told him.

"No. This is all because mahal niyo ang isa't isa. Cause when you love each other, you'll always find a way to be together. You might get lost in a bit but soon you'll find it back, as long as there's love, you'll always find each other." He said.

Pinalo ko siya ng mahina sa braso niya "Ayan ka na naman with those kind of words. Pure of wisdom. But thank you Khalil."

Ngumiti siya sa akin "Masama na bang maging man of wisdom?"

"Well you're weird kasi pag ganyan, so serious." I teased but truth is he's really weird when he's serious. "But your words I trust." I said "So a girl would be lucky to have you. Meron na ba?" I asked. He looked hesitant to answer so I poked him "Come on Khalil secret lang natin."  I smiled

He finally gave up "Ok." he said "There was this girl, I loved her from afar." he started "She was the epitome of perfection. I did everything I could to make her happy." he said and his expression was unreadable.

"What happened?" I asked. 

"She finally got her happiness." Khalil smiled at me weakly "She's happy with the guy she loves."

"Mahal mo siya pero hindi mo siya pinaglaban?" I asked.

"Kasi Kath minsan sa huhay, hindi porket mahal mo, ipaglalaban mo na. Sometimes things aren't meant to be. Siguro haggang tingin nalang ako sa kanya. But I would still protect her and her happiness. Hindi ko hahayaan na masaktan siya." Khalil said.

"You're such a great guy. I hope that girl would realize what she missed."

"She didn't miss anything Kath dahil yung kasama niya ngayon ay yung true love niya. I will always be her observer watching her from a distance, loving her from a far." 

"Someday you'll find a girl who would love you unconditionally."

He smiled at me "Someday."

The reception was over and I was tired. Nagsiuwian na yung mga bisita and they even said that they would send their wedding presents dahil nga na ambush sila sa kasal na to. I laughed with them when they joked about being ambush and all.

But I'm glad they approved the wedding.

I was beside Daniel while we were bidding goodbye to everyone, waving my hand to them. And finally nawala na sila, naglakad na kami papasok ng bahay and walked inside the living room, umupo ako sa sofa. I was so tired.

Umupo din si Daniel sa tabi ko "Tired?" he asked.

I nodded. "I want to sleep Daniel." I said.

"Of course." he said and I traced a sound of disappointment and I don't know why. Oh well.

Tatayo na sana ako when Tita Clarisse entered the room with Enrique and Paul was behind them na parang tinigil niya ang mga tong pumasok. "You got married?!"

Tumayo si Daniel "Yes tita we got married."

"How dare you steal your cousin's fiance Daniel!" Tita yelled. "This marriage isn't valid. Daniel is under my guardianship."

"It's valid when ako na yung guardian niya." Paul said.

"How... no... bukas na bukas din pupunta tayo sa city hall."

"No." I stood up "I had enough of you tita ordering me around. You're not my mother. I can marry whoever I want." I said

"No Leila. Pupunta tayo bukas din sa city hall. Your marriage with Enrique shall happen."

"No it don't. I married Daniel, your nephew, a Vanderbilt so tapos na. I'm a Vanderbilt now so ganun din yun. Ang pinagkaiba lang si Daniel ang asawa ko." I smiled "And our board members and investors approved the marriage and sakanila I have to listen for the sake of the company pero sayo no. So please leave cause it's been a long day." I said.

"Paano kayo nagkabalikan?" nagulat ako sa taong nagtanong kanina pa siya diyan pero ngayon lang siya nagsalita.

"I learned that you and your mother lied to me. Paano mo nagawa yun Enrique? Paano mo nagawang magsinungaling sa akin at harapin parin ako?" I asked.

"Dahil mahal kita." he said.

Daniel suddenly stepped a little bit forward to somehow hide me? "Tita please leave, bukas nalang tayo magusap pagod na si Kath." he said and Paul ushered them towards the front door.

And Daniel and I went towards my room. I heard him closed the door. "Go take a bath and then let's sleep." he said.

And then I remembered. This is our wedding. And tonight is our wedding night.

Is this why he was disappointed? Because I didn't know? Oh God. Wedding night means I have to make love with my husband.

Am I ready?

I am. Weird. Dapat natatakot ako dahil this would be a big step for me. But no I'm not. And so I went towards the bathroom and quickly took a shower and wore my silk robe. I went out and saw him lying on the bed with his clothes still.

Tinignan niya ako and I smiled at him. Yes kinakabahan ako pero hindi ako natatakot. Because this is Daniel. The man I love. The man I would give everything, body and soul. "Make love to me." I said and he stood up from the bed and carried me.

Tinignan niya ako bago niya ako inihiga sa kama "Are you sure?" he asked. "Are you ready?" he asked again. Mukha siyang kinakabahan.

And I giggled. "I guess I am." I smiled "I will be yours body and soul Daniel."

"I love you so much Leila Kathryn Rutherford Vanderbilt." He professed. 

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