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Princess on Break Chapter 2

Chapter 2

I just finished my charity work here in the Philippines, all I have to do was smile and show up. I didn't even hand the children the things we were giving, it was what I told the ambassador, I won't go touching people, even shaking hands. Also no media to pester me around, the only camera that was allowed was the British royal  photographer.

I have also met the President of the Philippines and he seemed nice and he offered me to stay with him in his residence called the MalacaƱan Palace which I turned down. I'd rather stay at the embassy rather that someone else's home.

But of course, I didn't win the argument because the prime minister already agreed with the president in letting me stay in one of his properties, it was located at his compound or they call it as the PSG compound. Anyway I'm staying there because of security reasons.

I was actually reading a book when I heard the room opened, I raised my head and I saw Jane, one of my ladies-in-waiting, she was one of them that I trust of course. She bowed and went towards me. I put down the book at the table and looked up "What? Are we going back now to London?" I asked, I was eager to come home because I was getting bored. I wasn't even allowed to go out. And we've finished our work here.

She half-smiled at me "You were invited to attend a beach party hosted by a network here in the Philippines." she told me.

"Am I required to go?" I asked.

She nodded "His majesty required you to attend your highness."

I sighed. I was not in the mood to go to some lame beach party here in the Philippines but then I heard that they do have some great beaches around here. "Where would this party be held?" I asked.

"Boracay, your highness and we must be leaving soon." Jane answered

"Ok." I answered. Might as well enjoy the time here right? And I haven't been in a beach for quite some time now. "Am I the guest of honor?" I asked.

She faintly smiled. Oh that's why they want me to go.I sighed "I asked the ambassador to cancel the event but his majesty wanted her highness to attend."

This is why I liked Jane, she was loyal to me and would do anything for my own pleasure. If she knows I don't like it, she'd do something for it not to happen. But in this case it was out of her hands.

After an hour, we rode the plane for Boracay, and when we reached the airport, we drove for the island itself, after a ride in the car, they ushered us to ride the yacht, I looked around and saw some small motor boats around and people were actually riding that one. But of course I am a princess so I should be riding something more expensive and safe.

When we reached the shore, my guards went down first of course it was protocol and then me, it was near sunset and the beach was decorated with lanterns on the side and candles on the sands. I walked along with Jane and the others.

People were busy minding their own business but when they saw us, or rather the royal guards surrounding me, they stared and I rolled my eyes. Why do they always do that? Of course, it's their first time seeing a princess!

We were stopped by a middle-aged woman, she was smiling at us "Glad you could come your highness." she greeted. And I tried to not roll my eyes at her. She showed us the villa I was going to stay, the party has started and I told them I'd take a nap first before going back to the beach.

I looked at the window overlooking the beach, it was quite beautiful, and in any minute now the sun would set. I went to my room to get a shawl, Jane was busy entertaining the middle-aged woman who greeted us and the royal guards were standing outside the villa.

I decided to come out but of course being the stubborn me, I sneaked out of the villa. I smiled when they didn't even see me. So when I was successful in sneaking out, I walked around the beach, no one seemed to recognize me and I was happy for once.

I walked far from the party was held, I wouldn't want that, I just wanted to see the sunset. When I know that I was far from the party, I sat on the sands and looked at the sea. It was beautiful. Seeing the sunset I was happy, it brought me peace.

I stood up and brushed the sands off my sun dress and when I was ready to walk someone grabbed me and of course I struggled to get out of his hold but he was so strong and I was about to scream when he covered my mouth with a handkerchief which smelled like it has chloroform in it.

And I got dizzy and everything blurred around me and I dozed off.

His Point of View

"Siguraduhin mong malinis ang trabaho Alex." pagpapaalala sa akin ni Sir Ed.

"Yes sir." I said and saluted him and walked out of the room. I have a mission and I have to do it fast.

My mission wasn't very easy, it would be my hardest. But of course I would make it succeed. I never failed. For days now, sinubaybayan ko na yung mission ko, at araw araw din akong humahanap ng tyempo para gawin ito kaso masyadong madaming nakabantay.

Pero this day might be my lucky day dahil I saw her sneaking out of the villa, sinundan ko lang siya and waited for the right time. Nung tumayo na siya that's when I made the move to grab her.

For a few seconds more, she dozed off and I carried her like a sack of rice and decided to put her on the car trunk, pero sympre nilagay ko siya sa isang malaking duffel bag. Hindi naman siya mamamatay siguro sa ginawa ko. Pero I have to make sure.

This place is full of security and mahirap makalabas ng bayan na ito at kailangan ko ng magmadali dahil once they find out na wala siya, mas hihigpit pa ang seguridad ng bayan, even the airport. Pagkatapos ko siyang ilagay sa loob ng trunk ay sumakay na din ako agad sa kotse ko at pinaandar ito palayo ng station one ng isla na to.

When I reached station two, agad ko siyang kinuha at binuhat ulit na parang hindi tao ang laman nito, at agad akong sumakay sa yate na pinahiram sa akin, and nang nakasakay na ako, I raised the anchor and drove.

Nilabas ko na din siya sa duffel bag at I laid her down to the bed. Pinagmasdan ko siya, she looked so peaceful at parang hindi siya yung nakasulat sa report at yung taong sinundan ko simula nang dumating siya dito sa Pilipinas.

She opened her eyes and when she saw me, I saw fear in her eyes but it was immediately hidden by the tough facade.. "Who are you?" She asked with full authority.

I smiled at her "I'm your kidnapper." I told her.

And for  a while her eyes widened in shock as her mouth gaped opened. "You.... you wouldn't want to be my kidnapper." she said. "You would be send in prison if they catch you."

"That is if they catch me which I doubt."

She growled "Why are you doing this? You're kidnapping a princess!" she exclaimed.


My mission is to kidnap her, Her Royal Highness Princess Royal Arabella Katerina Elizabeth.

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