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Princess on Break Chapter 6

Chapter 6

When I went out of my room, Alex was sitting at the couch trying to watch something on the television but I guess he's just killing time cause the show was his least favorite, how did I know that? Well we sometimes watched shows together before and when I changed the channel to the animal network he seriously told me he hated that channel. How it was plain and boring. 

And yeah he was watching the animal network. 

"I thought you hated that show?" I asked him when I was behind the couch. I got changed and chose to wear the long sleeve black dress, all of the clothes that Alex bought me are let's just say simple and not those dress that most girls wear these days. The dresses that he bought for me barely show skin.

He turned his head to me "I still do." he said as he stood up. "You don't have to go with me." 

I shook my head "It's fine Alex, I figure I can't always be cooped up in your flat right? So might as well give me a tour of this city." I smiled at him "Now let's go." I said when he was looking at me intently.

He led me out of his flat and down to the car park where his car was parked obviously, I opened the door at the backseat but then Alex shut it "No way princess. Dun ka sa harap." he stated "Naiindintihan mo ba ako o yung linya lang kanina yung kabisado mo?" He asked me.

So he was not sure whether I was lying or not. Can that mean I can still play him? Nah I'm too tired with studying. "Of course I understand you Alex. I told you I know it already." I said and opened the door of the backseat once again and hurriedly went inside so that Alex wouldn't throw a fit anymore.

I am so not going to ride at the front seat of his car. I saw him from the tinted window sighing as he walked towards the driver seat. When he entered I leaned forward and encircled my arms into the headrest of the passenger seat "Well hello to you driver." I said "You sure do have many professions." I teased as I reclined back at my seat.

I saw him smirked at me with the mirror. "Princess, kailangan mong magTagalog." He said.

"Nah I don't feel like speaking in Tagalog." I said.

"You don't feel like or you don't know how to?" he dared to ask me.

"Diba dapat madami kang alam sa akin dahil kidnapper kita?" I asked him and he looked at me in the mirror with his eyebrow raised. "Well shouldn't you have some kind of file on me?" I asked.

"I do have a file princess."

"So bakit hindi mo alam na marunong akong magTagalog?" I asked him. Wikipedia knew the languages I am fluent so why the hell was he not?

"Sa tingin mo may oras akong basahin lahat ng bagay na ginagawa mo?" he asked and I nodded "Princess, hindi ko kailangan malaman na may collection ka ng mga porcelain dolls? Ang kailangan ko lang ay yung malaman kung saan ka magpupunta." he said. But how did he know about the doll collection when he said he didn't read it? Was he lying because it slipped him? Maybe he did read it but when he was at the languages he didn't seem to mind, it didn't cross his mind that I am fluent with his native language.

Yeah. That was it. And he didn't want to admit it cause it'd bruise his ego. Guys and their huge egos.

"So saan ulit tayo pupunta?" I asked as I looked over the window to see the streets.

"Sa bagong bar ni Troy. Have you ever been inside a bar princess?" he asked and there was humor in his voice. He must have thought I have never been inside a bar.

"Of course I had." I lied, well truth was I've never been out clubbing, I can't even if I wanted to. Yeah I've been rebelling but I never been in a bar, how can I when there are men in black practically surrounding me? And no my royal body guards are not wearing the red army suit when they're around that's just too superficial.

"You? I don't believe you. How could you even do that when you have your guards?" He asked. He didn't believe me? Well who would anyway?

"Well how did you kidnap when I have guards?" I retorted back.

"Good point." he smiled "I've always knew you're the kind of girl to sneak out."

"And you do know I regret sneaking out that day." I said but I didn't mean it, for once I thought of my kidnapping as a blessing in disguise. I had to live freely. I had given a chance to get away with my overbearing family and country.

"Do you miss them?" He asked suddenly.

"Not really." I said as I looked at the window. It was the truth I don't miss them. I kinda felt free "I do miss nagging my ladies-in-waiting." I smiled at the memory of me giving them hell.

"Why aren't you missing them?" he asked.

I just shrugged "I have no idea." I said but of course I know why, it was all because for the first time in my life, I was free well not free because Alex did kidnap me and yeah I've been in his flat for a week now but I haven't really felt like he did kidnap me, if he would have just asked me that day I would probably come with him and there was no need for the chloroform.

We reached Troy's new bar called The Kingsmen, the name was so funny and lack creativity. There were a lot of people outside and when I said a lot I meant it, there were actually four long rows of people waiting to be let in. Wow was that the impact of a newly opened bar or was it just because it was a bar and it was Friday night?

Being the friend of the owner, the big man in a black shirt, yeah the bouncer as they call that profession let us in. The place was packed with people. It was big and spacious but still packed with people.

Alex placed his hand on my waist as he walked to somewhere, he was leading the way to which I assumed was the VIP lounge. We reached one table and there I saw Troy and Caleb with others whom I still don't know. Alex removed his hand but he then put his arm over my shoulder "Guys pinsan ko si Arabella." he introduced me to the group.

There were 7 of them including Troy and Caleb,  3 girls and 2 other guys. The two guys started at me and the remaining girls glared at me.

"Ara kamusta?" Troy asked when no one in their group actually acknowledged Troy's introduction.

"Fine Troy." I said and smiled sweetly at him. "I must say you're a big success." I complimented and he grinned.

"Sit Ara." Caleb offered as he moved a little and so I did sit beside him and murmured my thanks. "Alex didn't say he's going with you." he said.

"Oh I wasn't supposed to come with him but he changed his mind when he couldn't trust me to be alone in his flat." I told Caleb.

"Alex bakit hindi ko alam na may iba ka pang pinsan?" a girl asked, this one girl in particular was the one who glared at me, well they all did but hers was different, if only looks could kill as they say I was already dead with the deadly glare she was sending me.

"Hindi ko kailangan ireport sayo ang buhay ko Trish." Alex said as he sat beside me. "I thought I made myself clear that you're going to speak in Tagalog princess." he said to me.

I groaned "Why can't I just speak comfortably with my preferred language?" I asked him.

He smirked "Because you said so yourself that you're fluent."

"I take it back!" I said.

He just chuckled. "No can do princess."

"Dude haggang ngayon tinatawag mo parin si Ara na princess?" Troy asked disbelievingly.

"Bakit mo siya tinatawag na princess?" I assumed this girl was Trisha or simply Trish for Alex. She sounded so jealous. Because I am idiot.

"Stop acting like a jealous girlfriend Trish at tatawagin ko siya kung anong gusto ko dahil pinsan ko siya." Alex said and I huffed when I heard him say pinsan yeah right, we're cousins.

They all looked at me "What? Am I not allowed to breathe?" I asked.

The other two guys introduced themselves as Marcus and Aaron, and the two girls which I also assumed to be Trisha's minions introduced themselves too as Dana and Stacey. Trisha was still giving me her deadly glares but I didn't mind for I was happy conversing with Caleb.

Alex got up and asked me what drink I want and champagne was at the tip of my tongue but then I remembered I was in a bar, what do they drink in a bar anyway? I supposed I should drink those girly drinks, I turned my gaze over to Trisha's drinks, it was pink. What kind of drink was that?

Alex must have noticed that I frowned because he smirked "Troy a bottle of Dome." he said to Troy but he was still looking at me and telling me that I lied to him. "We're celebrating Arabella's arrival in Manila." he said and sat again beside me. "Liar." he whispered into my ears that made me shiver.

Troy stood up and went over to call someone to bring us the bottle. They did talk to me now, and Trisha was being friendly to me now, I don't know why though. Alex forbid them to converse with me in English and I hate him for that. But I was fluent in Tagalog so there was no problem except the accent.

Finally they all seemed to go and dance, so they went to the dance floor while I stayed with Caleb. I don't want to dance, no not ever.

"Kailan ka pa natutong magTagalog? You sound so fluent already." Caleb complimented.

"Marunong na talaga akong mag Tagalog. I was just playing with Alex." I said while I was playing with my glass. "You should have seen Alex every time he was teaching me, the look in his face when I pretended I don't understand a thing." I smiled at the memory of Alex's furious face.

"So all along naiintindihan mo na kami nung naguusap kami nila Alex?" He asked, he was bewildered with what I just admitted.

"Of course. Si Alex lang naman ang nag assume na hindi ako marunong mag Tagalog eh. I never said I can't."

Me and Caleb talked more and it was relaxing talking with someone other than Alex, then I looked over the dance floor and saw Trisha and Alex together, Trisha's body were all over Alex's and it was pretty sensual. Earlier Alex acted like Trisha was just the crazy-ex but now if you look at them, he was acting like Trisha is his girlfriend.

What's the deal between the two anyway?

"Hey Caleb?" I called Caleb "Are they dating?" I asked as my eyes never left Alex and Trisha's whereabouts.

"Ex." answered Caleb as he also looked at the two dancing.

"What happened?"

"Well they broke up." he said

"Bakit naman?"

"Ewan. Siguro dahil gusto ni Trisha na mag trabaho na si Alex sa kompanya ng pamilya nito pero ayaw kasi ni Alex sa sumunod sa yapak ng dad niya kaya ayun nag break sila. Trisha wanted a successful man and well Alex was far from the successful man Trisha dreamed to have. He was a bum." Caleb told me. So where does this one include him kidnapping me? If he was some jobless man then why does he have a huge flat and also a flashing car? "Trisha wanted Alex to be groomed to be the next CEO and well Alex was never the type of man to stay inside an office for 8 or more hours, so yeah Alex and Trisha broke up because he got suffocated and well Trisha drew an ultimatum and being Alex he chose to break it up." he continued "Nawala si Alex ng 6 months pero nung bumalik siya, madaming nagbago sa kanya, nakabili siya sa sarili niyang pera ng kotse at nung unit niya ngayon."

Maybe I am not the first rich girl Alex kidnapped. So he was really expecting a huge amount of ransom from the royal family. How much would that be, I wonder.

"Pero bakit parang hinahabol parin siya ni Trisha?" I asked.

"Trisha regret giving that ultimatum and when Alex came back with a new aura in him well she wanted him still pero ewan ko lang kay Alex, sabi niya ayaw na niya kay Trisha pero sometimes they do act like they're still together." Caleb said. "I guess that's love?"

I huffed and he turned to look at me "What?" I asked him.

"You don't believe in love?"

"I do." I answered. Of course I believed in love but I don't believe it lasts. "Kung mahal nila ang isa't isa bakit hindi sila magbalikan?"

"I don't know. I haven't been in love." Caleb admitted.

It was my turn to look at him wide eyes "You. Haven't. Been. In. Love?" I asked and he nodded "How could that be?" I asked again.

"I guess I haven't found the right girl."

"But you can also be in love with the wrong person, can't you?" I said because I knew that love is unpredictable and it isn't about the right person, it is how your heart beat fast and there's sparks fly.

"Maybe. Pero sa lahat ng babae na naging girlfriend ko, wala akong naramdman. Sabi nila baka daw nagyeyelo yung puso ko pero hindi ko pa talaga nararamdaman iyon." he said. I guess he was right somehow. "Let's change the topic, Alex told me to offer you a job at my coffee shop." he said.

My jaw dropped with what he just announced. Me? Working? At a coffee shop to top it all? What the hell? "W--what?" I asked still shocked. "Me?" I pointed a finger at myself. "Working?" I asked and he nodded "No that can't be." I said shaking my head.

"Well you can talk about it with Alex but you're welcome to work there." he said casually.

I stood up ready to strangle Alex's neck. "Excuse me." I told Caleb and started to walk towards the dance floor where Alex was. When I reached Alex and Trisha, I pulled Alex away, well I tried but he was strong so I just got his attention.

He looked at me irritated "What do you need princess?" he asked me like he was bored.

I glared at him more. "You! Daft. Arsehole." I started insulting him which shocked him "Vous! Ravisseur stupide qui pensez-vous que vous êtes pour me forcer à travailler. Connard! Je suis une princesse et vous osez décider ce que je devrais faire. Putain. Fils de pute!" I said. When I am really fuming mad, I get to start speaking in French. Don't ask me why but I just do.

"Alright princess." Alex said "Calm down." he said as he placed both his hands over my shoulder and looked at me "I can't understand  whatever you just said but I do believe you just cursed at me." he said "So what's the problem?" he asked.

I noticed that some of the people at the dance floor stopped from dancing and were watching us both, Trisha's jaw dropped open. "Vous!" I started again but Alex cut me off.

"In English princess." he said and I glared at him once again when he smirked. "Ok, I guess we should talk privately." he said and led me out of the dance floor, Trisha followed us and when Alex noticed "Go away Trish, maguusap kami." he said.  Trisha left and Alex led me to the hallway of the rest rooms. "So explain your sudden outburst princess." he said in a very authoritative tone. "And I expect it you be in English."

I breathe deeply "Why did you tell Caleb to offer me a job?" I asked.

"Because you will be working."

"No!" I said

"Don't fight this one with me princess." he said and there was a warning in his voice. "You need to earn your keep." he said.

And all I saw was red. I was really angry and I forced myself not to speak in French "You kidnapped me and now you want me to work?"

"Yes. Is that so hard princess? I won't be forever feeding you."

"You!" I pointed angrily to him. "Vous m'avez enlevé il est donc de votre devoir de me nourrir et me faire sentir réconforté. Trou du cul. Je suis une princesse et pensez-vous que je puisse travailler à un café boiteux?"

"I told you to speak in English!" he growled.

"I don't want to work. You can't force me to work. I'm a princess and you should respect me. No work."

"So you expect to be forever locked up inside my place?" he asked.

"YES!" I said "Well not exactly but I don't want to work!" I protested.

He moved closer to me and because of how he looked at me, I was scared so I moved backwards and then I hit the wall. Where can I escape this man? "You will work princess." he said "I told you before, I make all the decisions not you. So if you want to go home soon, you'll obey me." he said and his voice was really scary that I just nodded "Good." he smiled creepily.

I looked at his eyes and his eyes were showing the glint f victory, his eyes were mesmerizing. He has a beautiful black eyes and it suited him.

He was still close to me and his smile faded the moment I stared at his eyes. "You sound so feisty when you spoke in French." he said huskily. He trailed his finger in my face then it lingered in my lips. His touch was electrifying and I don't know why. He leaned closer and closer that I anticipated what was next to happen but it didn't happen.

"Ara." Caleb's voice interrupted whatever was supposed to happen.

I pushed Alex away and turned my back on him to look at Caleb "Caleb." I called and smiled as I walked towards him.

"Princess." Alex called me but I didn't turn to look back at him.

I reached Caleb and he asked me what was wrong and I can't answer him because I don't exactly know what happened.

Bloody hell.

My kidnapper was to kiss me.

And I anticipated the kiss.

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