Monday, April 15, 2013

Waiting for the Magician Special Chapter: Twisted Memories

Waiting for the Magician
The Special Chapter
Tangled Memories

Leaving Manila was the hardest and most painful thing that Alyssa ever did. She didn't want to leave but she had two choices either stay and feel unwanted or leave and try to move forward. And she chose the latter. She chose to leave. She left but her heart stayed. New York was her safe haven now she's here what would happen? Will she ever move forward without her heart with her? Can someone help her bring back the old Alyssa?

This is right after Alyssa left Manila for New York in My love for a Magician. The whole story will take place at New York and will show how Alyssa lived her life during those years in New York and how she met JC who helped her. This story might show some darkness (teen angst).

Copies would be given only to those who submitted their entry forms to be submitted here at A penny for your Thought starting on May 1, 2013 until May 31 ( 6 PM Manila Time)

Remember to fill out the right email address or Wattpad username on the entry form you would be submitting. You don't have to right a long entry form, you can just submit your entry form with your email address or Wattpad username and that's it. Remember submission of entry forms would only start on May 1, 2013.

Copies would be given on June 1, 2013

I'm planning on editing the whole series of My Love for a Magician and I would like your opinions for it so if you have a time to spare please answer this form. Thank you.

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