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Just a Spoonful of Love Part Two - Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Kathryn's Point of View

"Kathryn are you ok?" Sam asked me as he sat on the edge of the bed, I was lying back and wouldn't face him no matter what. I am still confused and they won't tell me anything. I badly want answers but they wouldn't give me even just one answer. "Kathryn please talk to me."he begged. 

I sat on the bed and rested my head on the headboard "Who was he Sam?" I asked him as I looked into his eyes. There was fear in his eyes and I didn't know why. I kept on wondering why did that man kidnap me, he said he was taking his wife home. Who was he and why did he know my name? 

"He.... he's just someone who..... it's not important Kathryn." Sam said, why can't he just tell me the truth? "I know you're scared but I promise he won't get near to you again." he told me and there was determination in his voice like he was really determined to never let that man see me again. 

But I wasn't afraid to the man who took me, I wasn't and I don't know why I'm not, I should be. I should be feeling like he's a creep or a bad guy but I don't. What's wrong with me? I wasn't crying because I was scared but because I couldn't understand myself, I felt safe and I know it was the wrong feeling. It was wrong to feel safe with a man I don't know. But I did.

There was something in his eyes before and I wanted to know what his eyes were telling me. 

"It's important Sam so answer me. I deserve to know!" I said. 

He sighed "A man you shouldn't trust." he said "Daniel Vanderbilt." What did Sam mean about that? Why can't I trust that guy? Daniel Vanderbilt, I heard that name before. "Our rival so don't ever get near to him again."

"What do you mean?"

"Daniel is a man of tricks. He would do everything to win and that's why he kidnapped you but I assure you Kathryn, it'll be the last time. We're going back to London as soon as we can." Sam said. 

"You still have things to do." I said. 

"But your safety is the most important  thing to me Kathryn." Sam said and I smiled at him, he smiled back but it didn't even reach his eyes. I know he's worried about me, this was all my fault, he didn't want me to come with him but I forced him. I wanted us to have a vacation here at the Philippines after all this is our birth land. 

I wanted to remember the things we did before the plane crash that I was in. 3 years ago, the plane I was riding crashed and I lost my memories along. I couldn't remember anything not even my name. Daddy and Sam were there never leaving my side and helping me to get my memories back. 

They told me I was newly married to Sam, at first I couldn't believe it but as time passed by bits of my memories came back, it was one when I was walking down the aisle wearing a white wedding gown, a man was walking me down the aisle but I couldn't see his face nor the man in front it was all a blur. 

But I assumed it was Sam after all he's the one daddy said I am married to. No more memories came back after that and I decided it was time for a new life, a new start that maybe the reason I lost my memories was because I needed a new start with Sam.

I trust Sam. 

The next morning I woke up without Sam beside me, I stood up and went towards the bathroom to take a shower. We were supposed to stay at the hotel but because of what happened we're now staying at one of Sam's uncle's house here at Manila. 

After the shower, I went out of the room and went down, I looked around and saw one of the room's door was slightly open so I walked towards it and heard Sam's voice, he was angry at something or someone. "No! Hindi niya makukuha si Kathryn sa akin! Asawa ko siya diba? Ilalaban ko din ang akin!" he siad and I couldn't understand. I don't understand Tagalog but I heard my name, what what is he talking about? 

"Ginagawa ko na ang lahat, umalis na kayo ngayon din para hindi na kayo mahanap." That voice was Paul's. "Hindi sila titigil haggang hindi nababalik si Kathryn sa kanila." 

"She's my wife not his." Sam said and I don't know who was he telling it to, is it for Paul or him? I understood that but what did they mean about that? What were they talking about. 

I went inside that room and I sensed that they were surprised to see me, Sam stood up from his chair "When did you....?" he didn't finished what he said.

"Just now." I lied. I know they don't want me knowing what they were talking about, I know they are keeping secrets from me but I will find everything by myself. "I'm hungry Sam let's go eat." I smiled and went out of the room and straight to the kitchen and I asked the maid to prepared our breakfast. 

I walked out of the house and went to the garden to sit. I need to know the truth. Sam then came and we ate our breakfast, he was quiet which was new. "When are we going back to London?" I asked. 

He looked at me "Paul bought our ticket for tonight." he said. 

"I... can't we spend one more day here?" I asked. 

"We can't. I told you it's not safe here anymore." He said. What was so wrong here anyway? Yes I was taken yesterday but it shouldn't bug him like that. "I'm going out for a bit then when I get back we'll go straight to the airport. he said. 

I just nodded. 

He left after eating I on the other hand stayed at the garden, he went out with Paul so I was alone but there were many guards outside the house. 

A maid came out, she was clearing the table and when she was about to go inside the house I stopped her "Is there anything I can do for you milady?" she asked. 

I tried to remember the words "What does 'asawa ko siya diba? Ilalaban ko din siya' mean?" I asked her it was hard for me to speak those words. 

She hesitated before answering me "She's my wife right?  I'll also fight for her." 

I dismissed her after that. Why did Sam mean by that? I am his wife and why must he fight for me? Then I remembered the words that man told me. 

"Getting my wife home."

Am I someone else's wife? 

My thoughts were disturbed when I heard voices around the house. I heard the maids protesting about something and I stood up when I saw him, Daniel. 

He looked at me, he looked relieved to see me. He was about to step forward but a girl stopped him. 

"What are you doing here?" I asked, he wasn't alone, he was with so many people, old people and some cops. 

"Anong karapatan niyong pumasok dito?" I heard Sam's voice and saw him entered and immediately went to me and held my hand so tight. 

"Sinusundo lang namin ang asawa ko." Daniel said. 

"Asawa ko siya at hindi sayo." 

"Sam what's happening?" I asked Sam. 

He looked at me and I saw what I saw last night fear. "Nothing." he said. "Hindi mo siya makukuha sa akin." 

"Mr. Gonzales pag hindi niyo pa binigay si Ms. Kathryn Rutherford ngayon din, we'll charge you with kidnapping." one of the old men said. 

"She's not a Rutherford!" Sam said. "She's my wife so why would it be kidnapping?" 

Kidnapping? Why would they charge him with kidnapping? 

"She's my wife not yours!" Daniel said. He then looked at me "Kath let's go home." 

I looked at Sam, I was confused "Sam what are they talking about? Why are they charging you with kidnapping?"I asked.

Sam looked at me "You're my wife Kathryn always remember that ok? No matter what you're mine." he said. 

I nodded.

"Umalis na kayo. Hindi niyo makukuha si Kathrn sa akin." Sam said. 

One of the old men signaled the cops. "Mr. Gonzales you are arrested for kidnapping Leila Kathryn Rutherford. You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law. You have the right to speak to an attorney, and to have an attorney present during any questioning. If you cannot afford a lawyer, one will be provided for you at government expense." a cop said to Sam. 

They were taking Sam away. "Sam." I cried. 

"Stay here Kathryn ok? Don't listen to them. Paul will come wait for him." he said. 

didn't let go of his hand and shook my head "Sam."

"I love you. Wait for me I'll be back." he said as they took him away. 

"What do you want?" I asked them all. "Why did you arrest my husband?"

"He's not your husband."the one who signaled the cops told me "He is." and pointed out Daniel. "Sam Gonzales took you after the plane crash." he said. 

"No. Sam's my husband." I said firmly. 

He then handed me a photograph. I slowly turned it and saw myself wearing the white wedding dress, I remembered. The man beside me walking down the aisle was Paul and in another photo, Paul was giving my hand to Daniel. 

I was smiling. 

And it was exactly what I remembered before. 

Did Sam lie to me? Or are they lying to me now? 

"Let's go home Kath." 

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