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Just a Spoonful of Love Part Two - Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Kathryn's Point of View

"No." I said firmly and Daniel's face fell but then he immediately masked it off. Why would I go with them when I don't even know them all? What they were showing were photos and photos can be manipulated. It's the 21st century and technology is at its finest. "You can go now." I said. 

"Please Kath let's go home." Daniel said again as he offered his hand to me. 

I stared at his hand and a flash of memory came back, Daniel was wearing a mask and he held out his hand for me and I gladly took it and he led me to the dance floor. 

His eyes bore into mine and we just kept looking at each other. "I'm glad I could dance with you." he said and I nodded "Alam mo ba may myth about the midnight dance during this gala?" I shook my head "Sabi nila yung kasayaw mo daw ngayon ang taong nakatakda para sayo."

Why did that memory came back? Was it a memory? If so, then what did he say to me that night? Ugh I wished I could understand Tagalog!

I looked up to him and I saw him smiled, wow the way he smile makes my heart flutter, what's wrong with me "Alam mo ba na may myth about the midnight dance during this gala? Sabi nila yung kasayaw mo daw ngayon ang taong nakatakda para sayo." I said, when I remember something, it was always stuck with me, I remember every words but it was Tagalog and I wanted to know. He looked surprised "What does that mean?" I asked. 

"There was a myth during the midnight dance at the gala we were invited to and that myth stated that the person you are dancing with is the one meant for you."he answered me with a smile on his face. 

I was dancing with Daniel that night, did that mean anything? I was smiling and he looked at me with full of love. Did Sam really lie to me about being my husband? 

"You don't understand Filipino?" he asked me and I shook my head "Don't worry I'll teach you." he assured me. Sam didn't want me to learn the language for some unknown reason.

"Are you really my husband?" I asked him eyeing him to see if he's lying or not. 

"Yes." he said and I knew he was telling the truth "But you were involved in that crash in Baguio." he told me. Baguio? I looked at him questioning what he just said "The plane crash was in Baguio." he stated.

No it wasn't. It was in London. Or that's what Sam and daddy informed me. "Baguio? You mean the place here at the Philippines?" I asked him. 

He nodded "You were held up in a meeting and we went first to Baguio leaving you behind because you told us you'd take the plane." he informed me. "But then it crashed and you were confirmed dead." he said and he grabbed something from the pocket inside his coat.

He handed me the newspaper and I read it, it was written in English so I understood very well. 

Rutherford Group heiress, Leila Kathryn Rutherford-Vanderbilt died in a plane crash in Baguio. There were no survivor during the crash. It was reported that the plane malfunction due to mechanical reasons along with the weather.

There was a photo of me at the right side and at the center was the plane. So is it really true? Would I believe Daniel and the facts that they presented or Sam who I believed to be my husband for three years? 

But the facts were straight. 

"I need to talk to Paul." I said. Why did they all lie to me? Paul was there in my memory were he gave my hand to Daniel at the wedding.  Paul was not there when I woke up first. And when Sam and daddy introduced him as Sam's new assistant.

Daniel smiled at me sweetly as if he was approving what I just told him. "Then we can wait for him to come back." he said "Have you eaten?" he asked and I was mesmerized by his eyes so I just nodded to his question. He smiled again.

His smiles were refreshing and I can't help but feel at ease with his smiles. I noticed that we were alone now, the old men were gone. "Do you want to eat? I mean... I can tell the maid to prepare something for you, that is if you haven't eaten." I said embarrassed with myself, why am I acting like this in front of him?

There was it again, he smiled at me again. I wanted to tell him to stop smiling but something inside me tells me that if I do, I'd regret it. "I'm fine thank you Kath." he said and he sat down but his gaze was locked with mine.

I sat down across him, I was fidgety and I don't know why. Being here with Daniel really make my heart flutter. Like there are butterflies in my stomach, I never felt that with Sam before. My heart never flutter when I'm with Sam.

It was a moment of silent, not the awkward silence but the comfortable one, the feeling that you don't have to talk just to feel comfortable with each other. It was weird because I hardly know the guy but I feel comfortable and safe around him.

"If you were truly my husband why didn't you come looking for me?" I asked him. I don't know why I was asking and breaking the silence, but a part of me knew that I should ask him, that I should know the truth.

"Because we all thought you were dead." Daniel said. "But Paul gave me hope. He told me he'll find you and take you back. I waited for three years. I was holding to that hope to live. And now you're here." he told me.

Paul, who was he really? If this were all true then why didn't he take me back to Daniel? Why did he also lie to me?

"Milady!" Daniel and I looked up. Paul was walking towards us. When he reached us, he looked at me and then Daniel "Daniel." he greeted Daniel. He really know Daniel. "Anong ginagawa mo dito?" he asked. I was so sure that Paul was speaking in Tagalog for me not to understand a word.

"Kinukuha ko lang ang asawa ko." Daniel told him. "Nagsinungaling ka sa akin Paul, sabi mo hindi valid ang kasal namin pero nalaman kong valid ito. Asawa ko siya sa mata ng Diyos at ng batas."

"Nananahimik na siya Daniel bakit kailangan mo pang guluhin yung buhay niya ulit?" Paul asked. I really wished I could understand them.

"Dahil mahal ko siya!" Daniel stated. "Guluhin? Hindi ba kayo ang nanggulo sa buhay namin ni Kath? I wonder were you also part of that sick scheme to take Kath away from me?" he asked angrily. "Nangpanggap ka lang ba Paul? You knew how much I.... alam mo kung gaano ko siya kamahal pero nilayo niyo siya sa akin." he said. Why didn't he continue with English? He was saying something in English but he changed it.

"Ano bang mabibigay mo sa kanya Daniel? Hindi siya mabubuhay ng tahimik kasama ka. Tinupad ko lang ang pangako ko sa ina niya Daniel. I gave her the simple life."

Daniel snorted "Simple?" asked him. "We had a simple and happy life Paul. But you took that away from us. We finally got through everything. We lived a simple life. Pangako? Pinangako mo na magiging masaya siya sa bagong buhay niya pero naging masaya ba siya?"

"YES!" Paul said.

Daniel was about to say something but I interrupted them both "I can't understand you both, so will you please talk in English so that I could understand." I asked them both. I had enough of them bickering. I need answers already. "Paul answer me honestly." I turned to Paul "Whose wife am I really?" I asked and looked in his eyes pleading him to tell me truth because honestly I knew the answer already, I just need to confirm it. "Please don't lie to me." I begged.

Since Paul came to my life three years ago, I trusted him. I had this trust towards him and I couldn't understand why. He became my confidant. Dad was always stern and Sam always followed what Dad barked. I love my dad and Sam but they were always overbearing and Paul wasn't.

"His." Paul pointed his finger on Daniel. His face was full of regret and resignation. He didn't lie. I knew Daniel was my husband already, the facts gave me answers and also when Daniel spoke I knew he was speaking the truth and my memories.

"Then why am I with Sam?" I asked.

He couldn't answer. He wouldn't even try. I knew that because when you have no memories at all, you tend to have more free time and during those free time, I'd study the expressions of a man and learn its meanings. I knew when someone is lying and when someone isn't. But there were exception to my case studies and that were dad and Sam.

They seemed to mastered to have a poker face. Not once did I see dad expression change into something else other than the stone face he always used. With Sam, there were a lot of times when he would open up to me, when he would bring down the wall and let me read his expressions. Just like last night and today, I saw fear in his eyes.

Never once did I see Sam like that. Sam was always strong-willed and he never showed me his fears but last night and today, I saw that. I saw how he feared of us being separated. He feared me leaving his side.

Sam might had mastered to have a poker face but still some emotions couldn't be masked with a poker face like for example love. Sam loved me. He may not be my true husband but he loved me. He never left my side fearing I'd leave his.

Sam was always cold to others but when he was with me, he would show his true self. His cold-stern facade was because he didn't want people to think they could walk all over him but that was all it was: a facade. Deep inside that cold facade was a warm loving man.

A kindhearted man who would show me he truly did care about me.

He didn't force me to love him. He waited. We created new memories.

I love Sam though he isn't my true husband, he still is my husband.

"Kath let's go home and we'll talk about everything you want to know about your past." Daniel said. I looked up to him and saw how he genuinely wanted me to come home with him.

But I was already home. Daniel might be my true husband and I knew he waited for me for three long years but Sam.... Sam was my home.

All those times were I was scared to death by nightmares, Sam was there. Sam was always there for me. Sam lied to me being my husband but he never did lie about his feelings.

I couldn't go with Daniel. Sam needed me.

"I'm sorry but I'm staying." I told him.

Daniel showed how hurt he was, he didn't hide it this time. "But I'm your husband." his voice broke.

"I don't know you." I told him.

"Then you can get to know me again but please let's go home." he pleaded.

"This is my home." I said. "Please release Sam." I asked him.

He shook his head "If I do, I will lose you once again. You will leave again." he said.

"If you release Sam, I promise we won't leave. We'll stay here until I accept everything. You are always welcome to visit me and get to know me." I told him. This was all I could give him. I won't leave until I learn everything I need to learn.

I have to know why dad and Sam lied to me. Why did they take me away, I have to know why.

"Then what will happen when you accept everything? Would you go home with me?" he asked hopefully.

I shook my head "I don't know yet but you have to promise me that you will accept whatever choice I make later." I lied. I know what I would do. I'll stay with Sam. I love Sam and he would always be my husband.

I'm using Daniel and I feel bad about it but I just want to know everything.

"Alright." Daniel said "I promise." he tried to smile.

"Thank you."

He stood up "I'll go now and tell them to release Sam." he said. He looked at me and forced a smile "Bye Kath."he said and left.

I swear I saw a tear falling from his eyes. Did I hurt him?

Why was my heart ached when the thought of hurting him crossed my mind?

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