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Just a Spoonful of Love Part Two - Chapter 30 (The Final Chapter)

Chapter 30
The Final Chapter

Kathryn's Point of View

I should be asleep and not thinking of Julia or Daniel for that matter. But no I can't sleep. Tomorrow would be Julia's wedding to Enrique and I don't know what should I do.

I heard a loud crash on the adjoining bedroom and immediately stood up to check on Sam. He moved out of  the room and since then we had been starting to sleep separately. It was for the good of both of us. He won't listen to me and I don't know what to do anymore.

The day I went home, Julia was there and she told me the truth about that ball. Sam fell in love with the wrong girl and I was contemplating on whether to tell Sam or not but in the end my conscience won and I told Sam the truth.

He won't listen. He said I was making excuses but I knew he did listen but he just won't accept the truth.

Our future together seems to be a blur now. I love Sam but I also love Daniel.

I fell in love with him. Is it possible to love two guys at the same time? But I had chosen already and Sam won't accept that choice.

I hesitated on opening the door but I decided to enter anyway. I saw Sam lying on the cold floor so I ran to him and he smelled like alcohol. Was he drinking again?


He looked up "Julia?" he called.

I stared at him surprised at what he called me. He thought I was Julia? God was he that drunk to not recognize me? "It's me Kathryn." I said. I helped him to stand and he was so heavy. "Why did you drink?" I asked as I helped him to the bed.

He closed his eyes as he was lying on his bed. He looked so awful, this wasn't my Sam, this wasn't the Sam I knew. "I'm torn Kathryn." he said suddenly.

I sat on the edge of the bed and stared at him. "Why?" I asked as I unbuttoned his shirt.

"I love you but she just won't go away from my mind." he muttered. "And it's hurting me to know she's getting married but why would I be hurting when you're the one I love?" he opened his eyes and gazed at me.

I smiled at him sadly. We both keep on denying our feelings, we both keep on trying to push it away but we are also both hurting. "You love her old fool." 

He stared at me in a while then he closed his eyes once again. "I guess I do." he finally admitted. "But I love you so much." he said. "And it's hurting me."

I stopped from unbuttoning his shirt and stared at him. "Then let go of me Sam." I told him.

"I can't. You told me I am now your present and future, how could I let you go?"

"Then let's create a new future separately." I said. "I do love you too Sam but we both know we also love someone else. I love Daniel and you love Julia."

"Would you be happy?" Sam asked. "And would she even accept me?"

"Try Sam. You haven't tried it yet." I smiled. I leaned closer to him and kissed him in the forehead. "Let's both let go of each other and try to find a new future."

He opened his eyes and he sat up "I don't regret the three years Kathryn." he said as he looked at me. "I will never regret it."

"I don't regret it too Sam. You made me happy." I said sincerely.

He hugged me suddenly. "I love you."

"I love you too." I patted his back. "So will you make a scene tomorrow?" I asked as I pulled away.

He grinned and pinched my nose. "I will." he said and leaned forward to kiss me on the forehead for the last time, I knew we were saying our farewells now. "Be happy okay?"

"You too Sam. We both deserve it." I smiled at him for the last time and stood up. "Rest so tomorrow you could whisk her away." I smirked and left the room.

We finally ended things. We finally let go.

And tomorrow we would both admit to the one we loved that we love them. I didn't know I loved Daniel but my mom told me so. She described Daniel and I and I finally realized I do love him.

I'm happy I could meet my mom, she's getting better and I hope I could see her once again. But the doctors said I should not get my hopes up, she's still weak and dying.

I was happy with Daniel and mom in the island. It was so peaceful. But since we got home I asked Daniel not to visit me for the meantime. I had to think that time. I had to choose.

Julia made it easier.

I slept with a smile on my face because tomorrow I would see Daniel and I could tell him that I love him too.

The next morning Sam and I both didn't wake up early for the wedding, we were both late. Sam had an excuse cause he was drunk but I don't.

We were both in a hurry but I don't know why I was such in a hurry I mean there will be no wedding because Sam would barge in and stop it immediately. So why was I in a hurry? I understand Sam but me no.

When we reached the Church, we both went to the bride's room. Sam wouldn't make a scene he said so himself. He won't barge inside the Church right when the priest said the magic words speak now or forever hold your peace.

He wouldn't.

So we went inside the room, no one was inside except for Julia who was staring at the mirror. "I love you." Sam suddenly said.

Julia was startled and she looked up to us. "You're late Kath." she said as she decided not to say anything about what Sam just said.

"Sorry." I murmured. "Have you seen Daniel?" I asked.

She shrugged. "Why are you looking for him when you should be attending to me right now?" she asked. "I'm getting married Kath and you're my maid of honor." she stated.

"Well you're not getting married." I muttered silently.

She looked to me again "What?" she asked.

I also shrugged "Sam I'll leave it to you now." I patted Sam's shoulder. "Good luck." I opened the door and walked out.

"Kath where are you going?" I heard Julia asked but I just walked out.

Just then I saw Daniel standing in front of the door, his body pressed in the wall and he was staring at me. "Daniel."I breathed his name.

He smiled at me. "How are you?" he asked.

"Fine." I said. "Can we talk?" I asked. I was nervous because what if he doesn't love me anymore? What if he....

"The ceremony will start soon so maybe later?" he said as he pushed his body away from the wall.

I grinned. "There will be no wedding so come on." I said.

He looked confused. "Why do you say so?"

"Well because there will be no wedding." I said. "Daniel I need to tell you something." I started. I might as well tell him here right now. I got the feeling that he won't like to leave yet. "I love you too." I confessed quietly. I wanted to get it out of my system because I was so nervous.

"What?" He said and he walked towards me. "Can you say it again?" he asked.

"I love you." I said.

And that was when he pulled me closer to him. He smiled at me, the smile that could melt any girl. "I love you too."

"Even if I don't remember our past?" I asked.

"Even if." he smiled once again. God. That smile could really melt me right now. "So what do you mean that there will be no wedding?" he asked.

I grinned at him. "Sam is inside." I said and he looked more confused. "He's in love with you and Julia is also in love with him." 

"Oh." that was all he said."You're not here because he left you right?" he asked me seriously but with a hint of humor.

I chuckled. "No. We decided to be friends." I said. "I love you."

"And I love you too Kath." with that he kissed me passionately.

Julia asked Daniel to inform Enrique about the wedding who was also relieved that he won't be marrying Julia, Daniel hinted that Enrique might be in love with someone too. So Enrique informed the guests about the sudden news.

Everyone was surprised by it. Julia's parents burst in the room and demanded what was wrong with Julia and she told them about Sam. Being Sam Gonzales had its perks too because they didn't force her to leave Sam. No they approved immediately.

We all waited for the guests to leave for the reception to avoid scandals. Julia and Sam decided to go to Europe until the talk is over.

I was happy because everything seemed to fit in place. Julia was happy with Sam and I was too.

We went out of the Church and Daniel and I waved our goodbye to Julia and Sam. Daniel was holding my hand and we decided to leave also and go back to our house.

We also wanted to celebrate.

Daniel parked his car the other way so we had to cross the road and he said that he would drive it this way so I don't have to cross the road.

Little did he know I was following him. I didn't want to wait, I wanted to be with him. And it wasn't like it was dangerous to cross the road. There were no cars.

He stopped from walking and turned around to look at me. He shook his head with amusement and he held out his hand so I eagerly walked towards him. He was smiling at me as I walked but then it all changed he looked frantic "Kath!" he screamed and that was when I saw the incoming car heading my way.

I waited for it to hit me because I just couldn't run away from it, it was like my body was frozen and just waiting for it to come. I closed my eyes and I felt that I was pushed and I fell on the ground. The fall hurt so much that I didn't open my eyes.

That was when I hurt a loud crash. I opened my eyes slowly wishing that no one got hurt. I saw the car stopped and the front was shattered, I looked at the other side of the road for Daniel but I didn't see him there.

A tear fell my eyes unknowingly and I stood up and looked around for Daniel, he wasn't anywhere. I was limping as I walked towards the back of the car and right there I saw a body far away from the car.

I shook my head in denial. It wasn't him. I kept on wishing that. I kept on wishing it wasn't him.

It wasn't him who pushed me away and he wan't the one lying on the cold ground.

As I reached the body I covered my mouth with both of my eyes as tears kept on falling. It hurts so much. I sat down and I pulled him close to me. "Daniel." I called. "Daniel." I called "Please open your eyes." I pleaded. "Please."

But he wasn't opening his eyes, he wasn't even moving. "Please don't leave me. We just got back together." I cried. "I love you so please Daniel open your eyes." I cried once again.

I heard the ambulance coming but I didn't care, all I cared about was Daniel opening his eyes.

"Please Daniel." I said and I stared at his face filled with blood. I looked to my hands and there was also his blood. "Daniel don't leave me." I cried.

"Miss kailangan na po namin tigann ang katawan." I heard a guy said. "Miss?" the guy said as he lowered his body to level with Daniel and I. He was a paramedic. "Miss?" he called again.

"You have to help him please." I then pleaded him.

"Ayun po ang gagawin namin." he said as he took Daniel's body away from me, they placed him in a stretcher and I stood up.

They were doing CPR on Daniel in the middle of the road. Then they hurriedly pushed him to the ambulance, I ran towards them even if my legs were hurting I didn't care.

As they were closing the ambulance door I stopped them. "I need to go with you."

"Miss pwede ka nalang sumunod."

"I'm his wife!" I demanded. And for the first time I realized that it was the first time I finally admitted being his wife in public. "I'm his wife and he needs me." I muttered.

The guy helped me up, I stared at them as they were doing something with Daniel's body. I didn't know what they were doing but they seemed to be in a rush. Then I heard the machine that was now connected into Daniel's body beep, I looked at it and saw a straight line.

"No!" I cried. "Save him please! Save my husband." I yelled. I pushed myself up to go to Daniel's side and I hugged him "Please Daniel don't leave me." but I kept on hearing the beeping sound of the monitor.

Just when I finally admitted to him that I love him, just when we're finally together this happened. They were talking away my Daniel.

Just when I thought I could have my happily ever after with Daniel.

Why was life so cruel with Daniel and I?

Is this really our end?

Author's Note:
No. This isn't the end yet. There would be an epilogue posted within this week also. I haven't written it because I still don't know what will happen to this story. It is still unclear for both you and me. I don't know the ending yet so it might still change. It's unpredictable for me yet. Wait for the epilogue.

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