Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Waiting for the Magician Special Chapter: Tangled Memories

Waiting for the Magician Special Chapter
Tangled Memories

Leaving Manila was the hardest and most painful thing that Alyssa ever did. She didn't want to leave but she had two choices either stay and feel unwanted or leave and try to move forward. And she chose the latter. She chose to leave. She left but her heart stayed. New York was her safe haven now she's here what would happen? Will she ever move forward without her heart with her? Can someone help her bring back the old Alyssa?

Another way how to get a copy of Waiting for the Magician Special Chapter: Tangled Memories. I'll be giving copies of this to the lucky 200 readers to download the soft copy starting on June 1, 2013. The difference between those who submitted their entry forms last May 1, 2013 until May 31, 2013 will get privilege.

Those who submitted their entry forms will have copies with not only what happened to Alyssa in New York in the past but will also have a few glimpse of what her life had been since the ending of Waiting for the Magician. That would mean the after-story of Alyssa with JC, I've showed you Mary's after-story and this time I will be showing you Alyssa's after-story. 

But of course only those who submitted their forms will have that part of the copy however those who didn't will still have a copy but it only contains the past of Alyssa in New York. 

So you still have a chance to get a copy with the after-story just submit your entry form at A Penny for Your Thought until May 31, 2013, remember to fill it out with your Wattpad username/email address. Again you don't have to write anything special on it but only your Wattpad username/email address will do.

Waiting for the Magician Special Chapter
Tangled Marriage
(Available only for those who submitted their entry forms till May 31, 2013)

Alyssa never thought that he would die, no she didn't. She very well thought that she would die from that accident but he sacrificed his heart for her. Now she must live her life without him. How can she cope a life without the one she truly love? How could she forgo a marriage when she was still in love with him? Will Conrad ease his way in to her heart? Can he even stay even when he knew that he will never be the one Alyssa will truly love? When he will be nothing but a second choice? 

Don't forget to submit your entry forms for you to get a full copy of this two special chapters.

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