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Princess on Break Chapter 8

Chapter 8

"Hit the brake!" Alex screamed.

And I did press my foot harder this time to hit the brake, the car stopped and I felt Alex's glare that I was afraid to look at him but I did it anyway, I wasn't born as a coward. I slowly turned my head to meet his glare with an awkward smile. "So?" I pressed. I should had not, he was fuming mad.

"SO? MUNTIK NA TAYONG MAMATAY!" he snapped at me.

I flinched. "It wasn't so bad!" I defended my driving skills.

"It wasn't so bad? The truck almost hit us!" he hissed, he took a deep breathe before speaking once again. "Get out." he ordered.

I stared at him, my mouth agape with what he just said. Did he just kicked me out of the car? Did he expect me to walk? Was he leaving me? Oh no that would never happen. Instead of following his order, I started the engine again and drove.

I heard him yell but I didn't listen, I was driving! Hell I was doing great, it was just one time and he was overreacting, the truck didn't almost hit us and it if almost did that was the other driver's fault, who the hell drove passing the speed limit in this area of the town?

The driver must had been drunk or he was the one who didn't know how to drive his freaking truck! It wasn't my fault that the driver didn't know which lane his truck should be in, I was in the right lane and he wasn't.

And why was Alex so angry at me? I saved his life! I maneuvered before the truck would almost hit us, see I was a good driver.

"Stop the damn car, princess." I heard the warning tone in Alex's voice but I didn't pay attention to him, I was so hungry to care about him. So I drove around the town with my eyes searching for any restaurant that I could eat.

I really was hungry and pretty much hangover. I still heard Alex hissing and ordering me to stop the damn car but who cares about Alex when my stomach was grumbling?

I hit the break when I finally found a bloody restaurant around the block because I was driving fast and when I hit the break unexpectedly, the car jerked up that I almost hit my head on the bloody steering wheel thank God for seat belts.

"Sira ba talaga yang ulo mo?" Alex snarled beside me, I knew he was glaring at me.

I turned to him and glared back. "I'm hungry!" I whined. "At isa pa it wasn't that bad." I defended my driving skills."I drove perfectly well. And I saved your life earlier. You're such a girl sometimes Alex." I smirked at him and took my seat belt off me, I opened the door and went out of the car.

I stretch my arms, driving was so overrated. I looked through the window of the car and Alex was still there staring blankly at the driver seat. He really was a weird guy. "Don't you wanna eat?" I asked him that was when he looked at me and he was still glaring. I just smiled nonchalantly.

I went inside the restaurant, it was a Korean restaurant; I had always liked eating Asian delicacies. Asian foods were so differently with European.  I chose a table near the window and felt that Alex was following me.

I sat down and he also did. He was still scowling. "Lalo kang papanget kung hindi ka ngingiti." I teased him. The waitress gave us both a menu and left. I studied the menu for quite long.

"Ready to take your orders ma'am, sir?" the waitress arrived with a pen and memo pad with her.

"We'll have Jajangmyeon, Gulgamja-jeon and Samgyeopsal." I smiled at her. I turned to Alex who was still looking at the menu.

"Add Bulgogi also Jin Mandu." Alex said to the waitress.

The waitress wrote our orders and nodded. "Drinks?"

"Two lemon iced tea." Alex ordered. He really knew me well enough to know what I wanted for our drinks. "Diba may kasama na naman yang mga side dishes like kimchi?" he asked.

The waitress nodded. "Meron na po sir. Ulitin ko lang po yung order niyo. Isang Jajangmyeon, Gulgamjya-jeon, Samgyeopsal, Bulgogi at Jin Mandu. For the drinks dalawang lemon ice tea." she said.

I nodded. The waitress left us. "I'm so hungry." I whined as I spread my arms in the table. "Oh I right!" I bob my head and looked at Alex. "We should buy our dinner too!" I exclaimed.

He sighed."Lunch na Korean tas dinner din?"

I pouted. "Okay. So mamaya order ka nalang ng P.F. Changs." I said hopefully. Korean and Chinese foods in a day that would never happen with Alex and I's everyday meal.

"Bakit hindi ka nalang magluto mamaya." Alex said. "Araw mo ngayon." he reminded me.

I frowned. I was hoping he would forget that today was my day to cook. But I really didn't want to cook, I wasn't into it right now. We seldom eat takeouts because Alex really wanted home cooked meals. He said he grew up like that and they rarely ate dinner out when he was young.

"I'm too lazy to cook." I whined.

"Alright we'll order Chinese for dinner."

I smiled at him. We sat there and we didn't talk, he was staring through the window, maybe he was watching the passerby walking around the street and I was unfortunately staring at him.

His phone rang so he took it out of his pocket, he looked at the screen and frowned. Who was the caller that he didn't even bother answering it? He placed his phone on top of our table and he turned his eyes back to the window.

It rang again but he didn't even bother with it, that was my cue to look at who. I leaned over the table and with wide eyes I looked at the screen.

Trisha calling.

So it was Trisha. I felt Alex's stare so I immediately sat straight from my chair and casually looked around the restaurant. I heard him sigh but I didn't dare look. I didn't want to be labeled as nosy by Alex. I knew I was one but still it was different from knowing yourself and others telling you.

I wanted to ask him why was Trisha calling but it wasn't my business, I shouldn't pry into his business especially his personal affairs. But really it was staring to eat me alive. I wanted to know what was wrong with them both.

They looked good together. They were perfect! Trisha could handle Alex's temper and Alex definitely could handle Trisha being a perfectionist.

But it wasn't my place. I couldn't play matchmaker between these two because I was no one in their lives.

I sighed as the phone rang again, I really wanted to know but I was too much of a coward.

"My relationship with Trisha is complicated." He suddenly blurted out. I snorted. It wasn't so complicated. It was clear they were still into each other, Trisha was trying to win him back and Alex, I knew he was still hang up with Trisha but he was too damn proud to say it aloud.

After all Trisha made him choose.

"It is complicated." He prodded.

I shook my head. "It isn't. You're just making it complicated. She loves you, you love her. Done." I said even when I didn't even believe what I just said.

"I don't love her anymore." Alex said wanly.

"Rubbish."  I turned my gaze to him and frowned at him. He was really damn proud to even admit he was still in love with Trisha. I could see it, hell the world could see how he looked at her sometimes.

"I really don't."

"You look at her like you would give her the moon." I said. "I could see it."

"I do love Trisha." He finally admitted but I did sense a but coming. "But I am not in love with her anymore." he said.

The waitress arrived with our food and she placed everything neatly at our table. "It's the same." I said.

He shook his head and I could still see there was an amusement in his eyes. "Princess, have you ever been in love?" he asked me.

And I was caught off guard by his question. I stared at the foods on top of our table and back to the waitress who smiled at me so I nodded my thanks. I took my chopstick and break it apart. I started mixing my jajangmyeon while the waitress was still turning the grill on.

"So?" Alex pressed.

I looked up to him, he wasn't going to let it go. "What do you think Alex?" I asked him.

"Sa tingin ko hindi ka pa nai-in love kaya hindi mo pa alam ang pagkakaiba ng dalawa." Alex told me as he took his own chopstick. The waitress left and Alex was the one grilling our beefs.

"I know the difference." I said. "When you're in love with someone it's about the passion and excitement, it's this unexplained feeling towards someone. Love is when you care about someone. I don't know why people make this a big deal." I told him as I took one dumpling and dipped it in the soy sauce. "You said it yourself you still love her, are you really contradicting yourself?" I asked him.

He sighed, he was still putting our beefs on the grill as he spoke. "It's not the same anymore, princess." he stated. "Mahal ko siya bilang kaibigan nalang. Bago ko pa man siya minahal bilang isang girlfriend minahal ko na siya bilang kaibigan. Alam ko minahal ko siya nung kami pa at hindi ko siya kailanman gustong saktan pero matagal ng walang kami, nag move on na ako." he said. "I don't see her the way I see her before, now I just see her as a very dear friend." he added.

"But the way you look at her, it's like you're going to maul her over." I exclaimed.

Alex being Alex who couldn't take anything seriously laughed at what I just said. He only stop when I glared at him. "Princess, I'm a man." he told me seriously.

I frowned at his answer to me. "So, I'm a woman." I said.

Again he laughed. "I'm a man, a hot blooded man. Trisha and I have a great chemistry and we were-"

I cut him off before he could finish what he was saying, I already got it. He was a man with needs and he wasn't in love with Trisha but only lusting over her. "Okay I get you now Alex. I don't need for you to tell me all the horrid details of your sex life." I told him as I ate my noodles.

He laughed so loudly that everyone in the restaurant looked over our directions, they must had thought we were crazy. Well whatever.

It was really good when Alex and I could somehow hang out and not bicker about everything. It was nice because somehow I knew that Alex would had been a great friend to me. He was loyal.

It was really ironic to think that I knew with my heart that I trusted my kidnapper so much.

How did I grow to trust Alex anyway?

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