Monday, October 7, 2013


Hey guys, I've done a little bit of stalking myself last week and I found many things online. I saw copies of my works online (Scribd, 4shared, some website from someone giving out free pdf files of every stories out in Wattpad, and those download sites that gives link to the file). Anyway, as soon as I saw it, I was so shocked and disappointed. I trusted everyone not to put it out there online because I'm already giving it for free. There was an issue before also and that was when someone informed me that my stories were being sold on Facebook, I thought that was the end of it but clearly I was wrong. Why can't some people understand that they shouldn't take someone else's work and just put it out there without so much of a permission? I guess some people are just rude. 

I've come with a hard decision, a decision I really didn't want to make because getting your replies to me at my site were always an appreciation and gave me joy but I have to. I waited for those people to get back to me, I even stalk them to see if they were online and just pretending not to see my mail and well yeah they were just pretending so I gave up. They won't put it down so I would. 

I would be removing soft copies of my works. It wasn't an easy decision but there was no other choice. If you want to read my stories, you can always read it at Wattpad or even here but I won't be giving soft copies anymore. I already learned the hard way and now I'm not pro soft copies anymore. 

I would be removing the download page of my site next week. 

I'm really sorry for the others who really wanted their own copies but I have to remove it. I would be one of those writers who would be anti-soft copies now. I was always kind and it's time for me to tough up and be selfish. 

I just really don't want my works to be put out online by someone else other than me. I was naive to think that it would always be safe in my site but well I am not that naive anymore and I won't be putting up with this. 

I will still be giving out Tangled Memories but only to the 131+ people who sent me their entry last May but other than them no one else would have Tangled Memories, it'll be their privilege. And at least if I saw Tangled Memories online, I would know who spread it.

By December, I will be giving out an announcement that you should watch out for, it's not yet sure because I'm not halfway done with the manuscript but when I'm done I will be telling you this news and you sure need to read that announcement. I won't be giving out anymore details but just know only a lucky few would get their hands on it because it'll be limited. 

Again, I'm sorry for removing my download page but I have to do it. And thank you for those who are still supporting me. 


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