Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Finally Found You - Prologue

Fate's Cruel Intervention Series III
Finally Found You

I knew for a fact that the day my first love died, he would be the last guy I would love, that I could never find any other guy who could replace him in my heart. But it's funny how fate works, I never dreamed that one day fate would decide that it would be my turn to play the game fate seems to have mastered; the game so called LOVE, sure I've fallen in love but this time it's different because this time fate decided it won't be easy as before. I never wanted to play the game, I never wanted to fall in love with him, a guy who can't seem to let go of his bride who left him in the middle of their wedding ceremony. I never wanted to fall deep because I didn't want to forget my first love but I did, I fell deep and he didn't catch me fall. But fate's one tricky bastard, who would have thought that he was the one my first love told me about, the guy I would love unconditionally? 

How can I win against fate? Will I fight fair or play dirty just to have him say the words; "Finally found you."?

I'm Lillian Navarro and this is my story on how I dealt with fate and how I found James Naval, the guy fate decided to play the game with me.  

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