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Fighting Destiny - Chapter 4

Chapter 4

Louie dreamed of travelling the world, he had it mapped out, you know. To the first country he’d hit until the final one. He wanted to see the world, he always talked about it with me, and how one day we’d just get out of Manila and just travel. I got swept in by that dream, his dream became my dream too. Now, I get to see some sides of the world and I ache wishing he’s here with me. One thing I know though, I’d see this side of the world for the both of us so when we meet someday then I can tell him about it. No doubt.


We’re in Munich, Germany in one of the estates my mom’s cousin owns. It’s a beautiful place, the garden is such perfection. This place is like royalty, everything seems expensive. My God, there’s an original painting of one of the most famous painter in Germany.

The house is ancient, mom said the house is over 300 years old. The house remained in the family even after the war because apparently, the family helped Hitler and my, I so wasn’t expecting that. I haven’t known this side of the family very well, I just know that they are all well-off, wealthier than others and of course, they wouldn’t be part of the family if they aren’t so proud. They’re snubs, treat middle class families like they’re beneath them and maybe in their point of view they are.

I heard mom talking to Kim on the plane that she really didn’t want to live in one of their estates, she said they’re boastful people and they’ll never let you hear the end of their hospitality and if you know mom, you’d understand why she doesn’t want that.

Kim is talking to the butler while mom let the housekeeper escort her to her room, I stand in the middle of the drawing room looking around the room, this is called the Red Room or so if I heard the butler correctly, when he ushered us in. This room looks gothic for me and it creeps me out, I hope my room isn’t like this.

Oh well, it’s not like I will stay here. Once everything is settled, I’d be admitted to the hospital with my own room and that’s a whole lot better than a creepy room.

I wait for Kim to finish his chat with the butler, his fluent in German already he just studied the language on the plane and now he’s already fluent, I wish I’m like him. I can’t even pronounce the words correctly!

The language barrier, oh God, how would I know what the doctors and nurses are talking about if I don’t understand them? And for once in this trip, I think maybe, just maybe having Kim isn’t so bad after all.

“Kim.” I call impatiently with my arms cross over my chest. He promised me we’d go sightseeing if I’m not tired and I want some sightseeing!

He turns his gaze at me and smiles, he then turns his gaze back to the butler and tells him something in German, the butler nods and leaves the room. He walks toward me grinning. “Ready?” he asks.

I’m about to tell him yes but then I see in his eyes that he’s tired. I frown at him. “You’re tired.” Sometimes, I really hate this thing about him, the thing when he always put me first before him. “Let’s call it a day.” I let my arms fall to my side and smile at him.

He nods and takes my hand. “Okay.” He walks us out of the room and I follow as he makes way for the stairs. Once we’re on the second floor, we walk around the massive hallway, we stop in front of a door and he opens it. “Here’s your room.”

I peek inside and let out a sigh of relief when I see it’s nothing like the Red Room. I let go from his grasp and walk inside the room, it’s okay. I mean, it feels a little bit scary but maybe it’s because of the age of the house.

I look at Kim. “Can you stay with me?” I ask, I can’t be alone in this room. I’m scared.

With Kim, I only need to ask once. He nods and he begins to take of his shoe. I take mine off and jump to the bed. I close my eyes and relax. Now that I’m lying in a bed, I kinda feel tired.

I feel the bed dips, I scoot over Kim and let him wrap his arms around me, and I snuggle to his chest and say, “Good night.”

I fall asleep in an instant.


My cousins flew in and mom decided it’s okay to travel ‘round Europe while I still can cause soon I can never step out of the hospital so sightseeing would be nice.

I sit on the lounge looking through Kim’s Ipad while Kim’s packing our things, he decided it’s much better to have only one suitcase for the both of us so he doesn’t have to carry two.

I’m looking through our travel plans, Skye wanted Naples for pizza. And I was looking forward to it and of course, Kim as meticulous as ever had a different plan, because we’re travelling by train he wanted to follow through the countries nearest to Germany.

Claire wanted Prague then Paris. The three of them fought with the sticks and Claire won. So we’re going to Prague! I like Prague but I would have love Naples, oh the pizza.

“We’re going to Monaco too?” I ask surprise. I just thought it would only be Prague and Paris because we don’t have a lot of time, my surgery is scheduled on the twenty first of July.

Kim grins at me. “Karl.” And that's the only answer he could give, of course Karl would like to go to Monaco, I bet he likes to go because of the casino.

“Are we going inside a casino?” I ask excitedly. I want to play at a casino, it’s one of those things I wish I get to do before I die. Well, I don’t know how to play poker or even blackjack but the roulette would be okay.

He shakes his head in amusement. “Yes. Karl procured you a fake ID before he flew here.”

I smile widely at that. I have a fake ID. We’re going to a casino! Then I frown, Karl and Kim would definitely play hard. Karl’s a bad influence with Kim when it comes to gambling! “You’re not going to play with Karl are you?” I ask suspiciously.

I remember the time Lizzie called me a week after Karl got settled in California, she informed me Karl visited Kim in Rhode Island and they went to Atlanta and never left the hotel casino for two whole days! Oh when Lizzie told me how much money the two of them lost, I still can’t get the hang of it. Oh and let’s not forget their trip to Vegas.

“You’re holding what happened in Atlanta against me.” he zips the suitcase and places it down the floor.

“And Vegas.” I add. He looks at me surprised, maybe because he thought I don’t know about Vegas. I have many eyes and ears even when he’s thousand miles away. “Oh yes, I know everything about Vegas.”

“Everything?” he chokes.

I look at him and smile knowingly. “I know about the strippers and that one of them almost married Karl.” When I found out about it, I was fuming mad at the two of them but then time passes by and I just find it so damn hilarious. Well not the strippers.

But I guess, they’re still young and they need to sow their wild oats while they’re still young. I understand that, they’re guys, that’s what they do.

Kim walks to my side and pulls me up, he let his hands rest on my waist and he looks straight into my eyes. “You know, I was heartbroken when we did Vegas right?” he’s tense maybe because he thinks I’m angry.

I know. Even when he was with Lizzie that time, I still broke his heart.

I decide to let it past, I will just take the humor here instead of talking why he was in Vegas in the first place. “Did they really found Karl’s boxers in the lobby of the Venetian?”

He relaxes and grins at me. “Yes.”

“But how?” I ask, I always wondered how, I mean did Karl take it off and if he did then that would mean he walked around the lobby naked!

Kim chuckles. “He wasn’t naked. And I won’t tell you anything. You’re too innocent to know the wild tales of Vegas.”

I scowl and about to tell him to stop treating me like a child but the door opens and Karl barges inside.

“Come on! Prague’s waiting!” Karl says and he drinks straight from the bottle of Dome he’s holding. He looks at us and smirks. “What are you two talking about before I entered the room?” he asks.


Karl laughs. “Vegas.” He repeats and he drinks again. “God Vegas. Good old time. What was her name Kim?”

“Gracie.” Kim supplies.

Karl nods and turns to me with a smirk. “Yes sweet innocent Gracie. Her looks could kill y’know Mary?” he shakes his head and walks out of the room.

I look up to Kim and I let him see my worried expression. I’m worried about my cousin. “He’s drunk.” I tell him. Since they’ve been here, Karl’s been drinking, I think Von the butler already locked the cellar. “Is the train even going to allow him inside?”

“He’s not that drunk. He can still walk straight.” He’s defending his best friend, “He just need coffee, it’ll sober him up.” He kisses the top of my head and murmurs, “Don’t worry, I’ll watch him.”

I don’t argue anymore. Kim will take care of Karl if need to be.


We’re in the limo Kim rented to take us to the train station, a little over the top if you ask me but Kim wants to give us the grand tour. Claire frowns at Karl and then just shrugs, she reaches over the liquor cabinet and grabs the bottle of Dome.

“Prague baby!” she pops the champagne and pours our glass with it except Karl’s because Karl already has his own.

“To a great time!”Skye raises her glass.

We all raise ours and we toast for a great time.

I have a feeling we’ll do have a great time. 

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