Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Princess on Break - Prologue

Princess on Break - Prologue

Noble. Selfless, Humble, Kind. Respectable

A Princess should act according to the qualities that she must have. 


I agree to disagree with that! Why?

Cause I’m a princess and I don’t even have those qualities. 

I am

Obnoxious , Selfish, Self-centered, Spoiled-brat, and I don’t really care about the world. 

Why must a princess act to be demure right? 

When they sent me to the Philippines to do a charity work, I decided to have a vacation. 

But wait……

During my so-called vacation, I was kidnapped by I don’t know who! 

What would happen to me if my kidnapper sent a letter to the consulate telling them that I will be having a break from my duties? 

And from that day forward 

I am a  Princess on break.