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Princess on Break Chapter 4

Chapter 4

I looked at him with disbelief, did he just tell me I am an obnoxious princess? "I am not!" I almost yelled at him but I remained calm. I don't want this guy to think that he hit some nerves.

Although I am well aware that I am really obnoxious, I still don't want others telling me straight to my face that I am. They have no right to tell a princess she's obnoxious, especially when it comes to me. I may not be the loved Princess of the British people for I have always been throwing tantrums and they much preferred my cousin. But what can they do about it? I'm the daughter of the king not her and she will always be beneath me when it comes to the line of succession.

Alex then smirked at me "Oh but you are princess." he said "Now come on, let's get back to my friends and you need to behave." he warned me.

And to my surprised also his, I nodded. He dismissed whatever he was about to say and opened the door and held my hand as we walked back to the living room. His friends were watching some lame football game and eating pizza with beer in their hands. Typical males.

Caleb turned his head to us as he slid the pizza down his throat. Eeew gross. Don't they know how to eat properly? "We ordered pizza, hope you eat pizza Ara." he said to me. Wait did he just call me Ara? No one ever call me Ara because of course I am a princess and they call me with formalities and that is "your highness" and my parents would call me by my full name Arabella not Ara.

I was about to tell him that I don't want him calling me Ara because they should respect me for I am a princess but of course I stopped myself knowing that I can't tell them who I really am. I sighed and smiled at him, a fake one of course. "I don't eat pizza." I answered him.

"Nonsense!" Alex exclaimed and went to the table to grab a slice and when he got back to me he handed me the pizza in his hand. I stared blank at his hand then at him. Why would I eat the pizza that has been in his hands? That's disgusting. "Oh come on princess, it's not like my hand is dirty." he said.

"Can't you just put it down in a plate and give me a knife and a fork?" I asked him.

He laughed at me "Arabella stop being a princess and just eat the pizza how normal people would eat it." he ordered me when his face became serious.

Oh how I wanted to scream at him telling him I am a princess but I fought the urge and harshly took it from his hand and I bit a small portion of the pizza. I sat at the couch and he sat down with me with a beer in his hand.

I just continued eating and when I finished my slice of pizza, I grabbed another. Sorry I was hungry. And I rolled my eyes when they looked at me with their eyes telling me how amused they were.

Alex stood up and went somewhere and when he got back, he threw me a book and I stared at it and then looked up to see Alex. "You need to study." he said and I stared back at the book which apparently was a Filipino-English dictionary. "I'll be your teacher." he said.

I wanted to say there's no need but of course I didn't. I would make this hell for him. I'll pretend that I am having a hard time learning when the truth is I am fluent already and don't need a dictionary or him to learn the language.

He escorted me to the dining table where we sat across each other and he then opened one of the dictionaries he bought for me. The guys were watching of course, they couldn't stop staring at the television since the game started.

He pushed the dictionary in front of me and I stared at it for a while. Then I took it and I started pretending I was reading. A few minutes passed and he cleared his throat and I stopped from my pretend-read and glared at him. "Now, I want you to speak in Filipino. Anything that you've learned so far." he said.

And I smiled deviously "Panget ka." I said.

His jaw dropped but he immediately masked his surprised by his smug expression "Is that all princess? I thought you were some kind of genius?" he asked probing me to speak up again.

"Maganda ako." I spoke which caused laughter for him. I glared at him but he was still laughing his heart out. "What's so funny with what I just said?" I asked him "It's true anyway." I said nonchalantly.

"You really are a narcissistic princess aren't you?"He asked with an amused grin plastered in his face.

If looks can kill, Alex would have probably been dead already. Oh how I wish I could strangle his neck! My hands are itching from doing so but I refrain myself, it's no proper act. I'm a princess so will they not press charges against me?

"Just speak again." he said giving up on me fighting him back. I wouldn't waste my energy on him. It's not worth it.

"Inaantok na ako."I told him.

He smiled at me and I don't know why "That's good. But you should learn the basics first, like kamusta, anong pangalan mo." he instructed.

Didn't he hear me? I told him I was sleepy and yet he's ignoring it? How dare him. I sighed and just proceeded "Kamusta ka na Alex?" I asked.

He grinned "Mabuti naman Arabella." he said and I glared at him. "You should get used to being called Arabella and not Princes or Your highness."he told me.

"No. You will call me your highness no matter what." I glared at him "I am a princess and respect should be at place." I said through gritted teeth.

He sighed maybe he just found out that he can never win this argument with me, that I won't ever let him call me Arabella, I might let others call me Arabella but not him when he knows who I am. "You're my cousin remember and not a princess."

"Your friends Caleb and Troy can call me Arabella but not you, you will address me as princess or your highness." I ordered him.

He looked at me with his deadly eyes and I know he's frustrated but then he just sighed like he was defeated. Good. "As you wish princess." he was mocking me.

But that's fine I guess. I don't really feel like having another argument with him, I just want to rest and I know he wouldn't let me.

He taught me his language and I pretended that I was listening when my mind was already preoccupied with how I can kill him quietly.

I didn't know how long we stayed at the dining table with him sprouting nonsense and I thinking of ways of killing him. But then maybe it lasted an hour, Caleb and Troy came and joined us at our table and they each took a dictionary and read it.

"Anong pangalan ko?"Troy asked me in a very demeaning way, it's like he was talking to some daft person.

I rolled my eyes "Your name is Troy." I said and Alex looked at me and shook his head. Ugh. "Ang pangalan mo ay Troy." I said.

They were pretty amazed when I spoke, and that gave me creeps. "Dude narining mo ba siya? May accent!" Troy said. I refrained from rolling my eyes at his stupid remark.

Of course there would be an accent. Stupid Troy. Stupid Alex for laughing. He had heard me and yet he was still laughing with Troy.

Only Caleb wasn't stupid among them. "Ara bakit ka napunta sa Pilipinas?" He asked me.

Why? Ask your stupid friend! I am supposed to be on a plane right now going back to my home! But your friend here decided to kidnap me!

I wanted to scream that one but I didn't. "Bakasyon."I told him and I saw how Alex smirked.

The four of us stayed at the dining table with Troy and Alex constantly teasing me while Caleb was doing a pretty good job on teaching me.

Few hours later, Alex decided it was time for Caleb and Troy to leave and so they said goodbye to me and also to Alex and left the flat. I thought we were going to rest but Alex said he was hungry and truthfully I was too.

"Cook some food princess." He said while he was picking the box of pizza and the bottles at the table in the living room.

I was standing behind the couch with my arms folded and I raised my eyebrow when he asked me to cook, I looked at him asking him if he was daft or just hungry that he forgot who I am.

"Oh right, hindi pala to marunong magluto" he said and I was pretty sure he spoke Filipino for me not to understand him. Ha.

He though I couldn't cook? That's funny. Of course I can cook, I only raised my eyebrow because I was not his maid for him to order around but I know how to cook. What's the use of having a world-class kitchen when you won't use it right?

I tormented our chefs from time to time and they taught me how because they were pretty tired with my torment.

I walked to the kitchen and opened the refrigerator to scan for the ingredients and I grabbed three eggs and a rosemary and closed it again. I noticed Alex sat on the chair at the breakfast bar and I didn't mind him instead I went to the counter and took a mixing bowl.

I cooked an omelet because I wanted to eat something light. I placed two plates in the breakfast bar and gave Alex his piece and mine also.

I waited for Alex to eat but he was also waiting for me, I growled in frustration with this man "Come on I didn't put any poison there!" I said. He raised his eyebrow "I wasn't taught to do that because apparently if you want to kill someone you don't need to be discreet about it after all you can always get away with it. And why would you let the person enjoy his death when you can torture him?"

He laughed with my remark and started to eat. Good. He then looked at me and smiled "Job well done princess." he said. I also ate my piece silently. It's a good thing he shut his mouth right now I wanted to eat peacefully. "Anong pangalan mo princess?"he asked me. So who was I kidding again? Alex won't ever shut his mouth!

"Her Royal Highness, The Princess Arabella Katerina Elizabeth, Princess Royal."I answered him.

He looked defeated "I mean your name now. Not that one." He said. I looked at him in confusion. "Remember you're my cousin?" He said.

"So what's my name? Just Arabella?" I asked.

He nodded "Arabella Hart." he said and I laughed loudly. Really Hart? This man is just... "You don't like Hart?"he asked.

"It's fine." I said. "So you are Alexander Hart is that it?" I asked.

It was his turn to laughed at me and I glared at him "That's for you princess. Your English so you should have a different last night with me." he said. "I am Alexander Monte Vista."he introduced himself.

I just nodded at him. It seems that Alex had already planned the whole charade.

He volunteered to clean the dishes and I could go rest and so I didn't hesitate and just went back to room he installed me in. I fixed my bed and also the clothes that were in it. I placed it all in the closet and I walked back to the bed and I decided to sleep.

I guess it wasn't so bad after all.

I heard a knock from the door and it opened slightly, I didn't look anymore because it's just Alex "Good night princess." he said and closed the door again. 

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