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Princess on Break Chapter 7

Chapter 7

Three months since the day Alex kidnapped me and probably those three months were the happiest days of my life. Who wouldn't be happy if your life was once guarded and meticulously watched but then now you have the free reign to do whatever it is you want to do, no more faking smiles and pretending. I have freedom and Alex gave me that, though he did kidnap me I wouldn't put it that way, he never treated me like I was his prisoner, he treated me as a normal human being. He kidnapped me but I am free in my own way.

And with that my friend I am happy.

Well of course the day wouldn't be complete without Alex and I arguing. I swear we were always at each other's throats, never was a day we didn't argue even if it was the most stupidest thing to argue about. We are two bickering idiots. I don't know why but Alex just keep on pushing the wrong buttons when it comes to me and yeah hate to admit it but I do know I am also pushing the wrong buttons.

We couldn't agree with each other with everything and I mean everything. Silly things like arguing who's better, is it Spongebob or Patrick, I swear Caleb and Troy would just laugh at how silly we were. One time though, Troy and Caleb came to the flat and Troy jokingly told us that our neighbors were complaining with the noise and we actually believed him because we both knew how loud we can be when we argue.

We believed him that we didn't fight for that night, well we tried but really we can't. We just don't click! We get along fine but once the argument starts there's no turning back and our friends (yes I consider them as my friends now) would just sigh and watch us argue for almost an eternity.

I worked at the cafe Caleb owned and it was pretty great. I loved working at the cafe because really there's not much I do except well make the occasional coffee but most of the times I'm just sitting and reading the books Caleb bought for the cafe.

At noon we don't really have much customers and so Caleb and I would just sit with the coffee he made for the both of us and enjoy reading a book or sometimes just we just relax. Caleb is probably my best friend, he's a good company.

You wouldn't believe me if I tell you that Trisha and I were friends. Yeah I thought I would hate the girl for sending me deathly glares when we first met but we actually did become friends. She asked me to tutor her for her French and I agreed. Apparently she's taking up her masters at some prestigious business school at France.

Caleb was right, Trisha was suffocating sometimes, she was really some girl from the upper class who wants the best for her, she was uptight not just with herself but everyone around her. I think if you did grow up with a mother always telling you what's right and what things you can never do and a father always telling you to be a responsible adult when you're just a little kid then you would really be like Trisha.

She just wants everything to be perfect. And she's just trying not to fail her parents.

I guess I kinda understood her life, I mean I have parents like hers, well except for the fact I have a King and Queen for a parents. But basically we have the same life, growing up with people telling you what you had to do. Trisha listened to those words, I however wasn't like her, I rebelled against every words, that's our difference.

She cares too much about her image to her parents and the people around her when I on the other hand couldn't care less. Why would I care about how they think of me and defend myself when I know for a fact they wouldn't believe me anyway. What's the use? I'd rather not waste my time with that one cause I'd just lose with the arguments. And I am not a not a fan of losing.

I pulled my hair up into a messy bun as I stared at myself in the mirror, I looked awful. It was Sunday and last night Alex and I went to a party and I drank a lot. I don't know why I kinda like drinking. Alex warned me beforehand not to drink too many but I just can't help myself. Oh Lord. Am I becoming an alcoholic?

That would be impossible.

I walked out of my room and went straight to the kitchen to make coffee and breakfast. Alex and I agreed that we would cook alternately and unfortunately today would be my turn. I bet Alex is still sleeping soundly in his room.

I bet when he wakes up, he would complain with his hangover. Why wouldn't he? He certainly thought the whiskey he was drinking was just some water. I wouldn't be surprised if his liver got ruined. But then again he kinda had a heated argument with Trisha last night at the party.

At first they were cozy with each other then the next they were screaming at each other. It had something to do with Trisha going away I think. They still love each other and I don't get it why they won't just get back together. They are both hurting themselves with how they were acting.

I placed the breakfast I prepared at the breakfast bar along with the aspirin for Alex's hangover. I heard his door opened and I waited for him to sit. I looked up to him and I smiled secretly, he looked more horrible than me. "Morning." I greeted.

"Morning." he greeted back as he picked his coffee up and took a sip on it. "Ang sakit ng ulo ko." he whined.

"That's for drinking too much." I said and handed him the aspirin "Here drink this." I said.

"Thanks." he said and I just smiled. We ate in silence. I don't want to ask about him and Trisha, it's not my business after all. Alex and I weren't close like Caleb and I. I don't even know if we're friends, sure we hang out but nothing else. We argue most of the times and because of that I don't know what we are.

"So....." I started when we were both on the couch watching ESPN, I grew to like sports especially football and the three of them were to blame for it. I liked watching games with them though.

Alex teared his eyes from the game and stared at me waiting for me to tell him and I couldn't help but feel a little bit nervous. He was overprotective sometimes and I don't know if he will agree with the thing I would be suggesting him. "What?" he asked when I couldn't find my voice.

"Well I want to learn how to drive." There I said it, I would think I said it within 2 seconds, it was so fast that I blurted it all out. I just needed his approval. He was staring at me surprised with what I just said "Caleb told me he could teach me but said that I still need your approval after all you are my 'cousin'." I told him and used my index fingers to quote the word cousin.

I fussed about not knowing how to drive when Caleb and I were watching a race. I whined and whined until he agreed not he'll teach me how to drive if Alex will agree to it. Jeez. They all think that I still need Alex's approval every time. Well I do need it.

He sighed "I'll teach you." he then told me.

Which utterly shocked me. He. Would. Teach. Me. How. To. Drive. Him! Alex would! "You don't need to Caleb offered already." I said brushing his offer off. I know for a fact that if he does teach me then we would argue inside the car for God knows how many hours. I might not learn how to drive! "You're busy, I appreciate the offer though." I said. I really do but it just won't work out. We don't just click!

"Ayaw ko lang magreklamo si Caleb sa akin pagkatapos ka niyang turuan." He told me. What the hell. "I don't want to be embarrassed. I wouldn't want them to think that I have a stupid cousin who can't turn a vacuum on " he smirked.

He just wouldn't let that down would he?

"It was one time! How the hell do you suppose me to know how to turn a freaking vacuum on! I haven't even held one until that day!" I defended. It was when Alex decided we should clean the whole house and I was tasked to vacuum the living room but the thing was I didn't know how to turn it on.

Laugh all you want but in my defense I am a princess.

"Still princess, a four year old would know how to push the freaking green button." His smirked got wider if that was even possible. "So get ready."

"I told you Caleb offered me!" I whined. I won't let him be my instructor because I know one mistake like the vacuum issue then he would always use it against me. "It'd be rude if I turn him down for you!"

"You wouldn't turn him down." Alex said. "Diba mas maganda kung marunong ka na talaga pag tinuruan ka niya, pretend like you were actually listening, it would please him and he would think you're really smart!" he smirked.

I remembered when I was still pretending not knowing Tagalog.


He stood up from the couch. "Then get ready." he said and walked towards his room humming.

What's up with him?

Oh well I have to get ready for my driving lessons with Alex. 

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