Monday, September 2, 2013

Coming this October

Yes, this is sure na po talaga. October ako babalik at itutuloy ang a little help from Destiny at ilalabas yung Tangled Memories  Dahil may dalawa pa akong On-going ( Princess on Break and My Sweet Revenge), hindi pa ako sure kung ano ang una akong ipopost, Finally Found You or To Try Again  But I will be back this October for sure. Be sure to watch out for my stories this October.


*Tangled Memories is the second special chapter for Waiting for the Magician, this brings us back to Alyssa's life in New York those years ago.
* Finally Found You is the third installment for Fate's Cruel Intervention Series, this is James Naval's after story. 
*To Try Again is my new English story about an American soldier. 

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